The gang behind Disintegration is already closing down

Disintegration Story trailer

Disintegration was far from a success, it became so bad that the studio behind the game had to close down after its first game release.

I have to agree though, Disintegration was not a good game, I got tired already after an hour and simply did not want to continue.
However, I did not seem to be alone in this as Disintegration became more or less a flop.

Marcus Lehto who is one of the creators of the Halo series created his own studio V1 Interactive 2016 and Disintegration became their first and last game. Disintegration was released in the summer of 2020 and never really managed to pick up speed or create any interest among the players.

Now, however, V1 Interactive has announced that they choose to close the studio completely, they thank everyone who worked with the studio and the game and simply choose to go their separate ways.

It’s a bit sad anyway, and sad that you choose to close a studio after just one game. You give up a little easily, I think, and who knows, they might have learned from their mistakes for the next game, the next game that will not happen now.

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