The global coup – Jacob Nordangård

Jacob Nordangård talks about his book “The Global Coup“. He addresses the “fourth industrial revolution” which is one of the cornerstones of “the great reset” which was launched by World economic forum at the beginning of the pandemic. It was then said that covid-19 would be taken as a starting point for a total change of the world.

The change would mean that we switch to electronic communication instead of meeting face to face. We will switch to online shopping instead of shopping in a store with cash, ie the very changes that have also been implemented during the pandemic.

When people switch to doing their job from home, it also becomes possible to do the same job from other places. This opens up for global competitive tendering of services in the same way as has already happened for products that today can be produced where it is cheapest. A next natural step is to replace those who work remotely with artificial intelligence who do the same job.

Jacob Nordangård believes that all these changes have also been discussed and are described in the scenario exercises that have taken place before the pandemic started, such as “event 201”.

An important component of the fourth industrial revolution is also the so-called internet of things, IoT, which means that many billions of objects are connected and report to various systems about what is happening.

This extensive collection of information may be misused in ways we cannot imagine. Virtually everything we do at our computers can be registered and stored. We do not know how long. We should ask ourselves what the ethics of the companies that collect the information look like.
Google had an early slogan “do not be evil”, which was motivated by the fact that they realized the problem and wanted to avoid ending up wrong. But Google decided to remove this guiding light from its governing documents in 2018.

He goes further into agenda 2030, which Jacob believes can be described as a modern variant of socialism. A lot of good ambitions that will require the collection of taxes to implement the goals and achieve the utopia described. There is also a need for comprehensive control and governance of citizens. Today, this has become an extensive activity for our authorities, even those authorities that have no direct connection to the goals.

According to Jacob, the fourth industrial revolution with its tools for monitoring and control will be a means of implementing the 2030 agenda.

Here we come to the strange fact that the large global companies and international financial interests are beginning to advocate socialism, which is connected with their interest in receiving part of the taxes collected., Jacob Nordangård on the global coup

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