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The hacker group that carried out the Coop attack tried to blackmail Apple

The same hacker group that carried out the ransomware attack that affected Coop, SJ and Apotek Hjärtat, among others, tried to blackmail Apple.

  • Wanted $ 50 million from Apple and subcontractor
  • Threatened to release drawings on unreleased products
  • It is unclear whether money has been paid to the hackers

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Threatened to reveal unreleased Apple gadgets

Earlier in April, Apple was subjected to an extortion attempt by same hacker group which led the Swedish food chain Coop to close the doors of close to 800 stores.

That is what the website means AppleInsider which says that the hacker group threatened both Apple and its subcontractor Quanta Computer.

The threat was to publish alleged stolen drawings on future products. Among other things, the drawings must have shown an unreleased Macbook Pro. Quanta Computer is reportedly required to pay an extreme $ 50 million.

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Unclear whether Apple or Quanta paid to the hackers

There is no information that neither Apple nor Quanta Computer has paid any money to the hacker group.

Nor do we know if REvil has in any way succeeded in compromising computer systems and using the same ransomware that knocked out Coop and the other companies.

What we do know, however, is that at the time of writing, no drawings seem to have been leaked on the upcoming Macbook Pro. Whether that means the hacker group bluffed or that someone paid for their silence remains to be seen.

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