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The inspirational story of Microsoft empire

The inspirational story of Microsoft empire

The emergence of Microsoft is one of the most astonishing and motivational stories that anyone could hear. The mesmerizing Microsoft success story began on April 4th 1975. When a Harvard college drops out, Bill Gates and his childhood friend Paul Allen amalgamated to developed unassailable computer software.

This software is known as Microsoft. It is now one of the most successful companies in the world. Ever since Microsoft came into being it is widely considered the most used computer software of all time.


The inspirational story of Microsoft empire

The most manifest secret of the company is the continued services. It has been offering to the entire global community for the past 4 decades. The computing giant has been incessantly involved in providing developing, licensing and supporting a range of software products and services catering to different requirements.

In the imprimis stages of the company, Gates worked efficiently. This is to enhance the market value of the software that later on merged as the most successful software development company in history.

This giant software development authority is now running an immensely wide range of software products.
Which is the main reason behind the success of this global software development empire.

During the early stage of the company. It has enjoyed a brilliant success by completing the Altair deal which inspired both Gates and fellow Paul Allen. The magnanimous deal resulted in a massive 16000$ revenue for Microsoft. Which proved to be an incipient nail in the success story of the company.

The main break of the company hit the frontline in 1980. When a reliable partnership was formed with IBM. This eventually resulted in Microsoft providing a crucial operating system, DOS, for IBM PCs. The partnership went very successful and it opened the gate of prosperity for the future software development giant.

That magnificent news simply meant a jackpot for both Gates and Allen. As they have already received some valuable prerequisite from the previous Altair deal. The partnership deal with IBM set the new milestone for the Microsoft empire as it looked like that the company will shine brighter than any other software building giant.


Bill gates vision for the enhancement and the development of the company was quite manifest. From his vision, it seemed as he was determined to fetch the success from everywhere.

The newly created software development brand produce some worthy results which enlighten the future of the Microsoft empire.

Microsoft took some big decisions during the early stages of its inception. Which proved to be a successful turning point for the company. The brands closely followed the basic conception of promoting their software product through various powerful resources. These include the marketing strategy that finally gave it a magnanimous click which is unassailable until now.

Microsoft enjoyed many exciting successful jolts in the early stages of the company including the valuable deal with Altair which amalgamated 16000$ in revenue. This massive deal builds a strong partnership with well-renowned company IBM. The hiccupy successful start of Microsoft made it clear to everyone that the brand exposure is something special.


Before the 1990s Microsoft was widely known as the software supplier to the global market. The main revenue of the company generated through software supplies to a very large audience. There is simply no doubt that the fact Microsoft has built a very stable position in the entire global software market by selling their best products.

As technology increased with the bright passage of time Microsoft started to gain momentum through its valuable products. The main point of view of the company is to retain the best possible position in the market by delivering quality products. For this purpose, they started to develop new products like Window vista and Windows XP later on.

The company heavily relied on product supplies like Windows. It was no wonder that Microsoft had introduced a new design computer system to every house. If we say that Microsoft was chiefly responsible for providing a computer system to everywhere else we will not be wrong.

This is the main reason why Microsoft become the first software company. Who has achieved a significant revenue of 1 billion dollars? That was an amazing acquisition for the company and it has helped the brand to trust. Its feet furthermore in the fiercely competitive market.

Gates showed the plan for Microsoft with the introduction of Windows 3.0. 60 million copies of Windows had been sold. This effectively made Microsoft the sole keeper of the PC software standard. This was the pathway of the company to reach the billion-dollar goal.

It is quite clear from the successive progress of the company that finally led the eminent brand to a whole new level.
The persistent success of Microsoft in the form of windows and other Pc products gave it. A sharper and a manifest edge over every other software company.


This is perhaps the most evident factor of Microsoft success story. The longevity of any brand depends on the product quality and repetitive introduction of new powerful worthy products in the market and that was exactly what Microsoft has done.

After a successful run of windows Vista. The company introduced a new version of windows in the form of windows XP. This nailed down the final pin in the coffin of success for the global brand. The usage of windows is still an enigma itself and every house, school, hospital, or anywhere else is primarily interested in getting windows.

Microsoft did not stop their repetitive success but, they continued their journey towards a new lane. Which mesmerized the entire world. This resulted in a new software product almost every upcoming month. Microsoft’s success story comprises of many historic and repetitive successful projects which led the company to reach its magnanimous goal.

In October 2012 a new version of Windows was introduced naming Windows 8 which has reached the pinnacle of success. The enigma of repetitive windows versions each with a better understanding. The progress from the previous one kept Microsoft in the market with a very strong girth over its competitors.


Microsoft went successful with each product that it has launched for the past 4 decades. The unique phenomenal software empire has created landmarks in the field of software development that are far from over.

The outdazzling revenue generated by the frequent product selling throughout the 80s and 1990s made it clear. That the tech giant has great computing products. It is also guide by the superb visionary of Bill gates. Which makes it possible for the computer regimen to prosper day after day.

Microsoft became a vital force to be reckoned with the future of Microsoft is awesome with repetitive success and continuous product growth. There is no doubt that the software company will glimmer in the minds of software developers forever.

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