The International 10 moves from Sweden to Romania

The International DOTA2


Since the huge DOTA 2 tournament The International was not allowed to get rid of in Sweden, Valve has now found a new country and the event is being moved forward.

There have been some problems with The International 10, first the event was canceled last year due to the pandemic, then it would also be held in Stockholm.
Then it became clear that the event is moving 2021 instead and that Stockholm may keep the event, but unfortunately the Swedish government did not like this as e-sports is not seen as a sport and did a lot for participants of The International 10.

Valve got tired on all this and then decided to move The International 10 from Sweden and now it is clear that the event will instead take place in Romania at their largest stadium, Arena Nationala.

Since there have been so many problems, they have also had to postpone the event until October, the dates that apply are:

  • October 7-10 – group game
  • October 12 – playoffs
  • October 17 – the final


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