The iPhone 12 may switch off pacemakers

The iPhone 12 may switch off pacemakers

Apple’s iPhone 12 poses a potential health risk for people with a pacemaker: the magnetic ring of the MagSafe feature can inadvertently turn off the device if the iPhone comes too close to the wearer’s chest. However, further research is needed to clarify this question.

The iPhone 12 may cause problems for people with pacemakers: the heart of the problem is the MagSafe ring built into the iPhone 12 models. This is magnetic and can have a disruptive effect on the operation of implanted defibrillators, as researchers have now done in various tests with common models detected to have.

The pacemaker is switched off as soon as the iPhone approaches the left side of the chest. This was reproducibly the case; the alignment of the iPhone to the body had no effect on the result.

Conventional smartphones are generally unproblematic, but there have been difficulties in connection with fitness bracelets in the past.

Apple shines with a contradicting opinion

Apple has its own support document on whether the built-in magnets in the iPhone 12 could cause a problem for people with implanted electrical devices released. However, this statement is not very helpful and shifts the question to other places. At Apple it says:

The iPhone contains magnets as well as components and radio elements that emit electromagnetic fields. These magnets and electromagnetic fields can interfere with medical devices such as pacemakers and defibrillators.

In contrast, Apple writes in the following paragraph:

While all iPhone 12 models contain more magnets than previous iPhone models, they are not expected to present a greater risk of magnetic interference with medical devices than previous iPhone models.
For specific information about your medical device, contact your doctor and the medical device manufacturer. Ask if there is a safe distance to keep between your medical device and iPhone.

This information hardly creates any clarity.

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