The iPhone 12 Mini will probably have a successor

The iPhone 12 may switch off pacemakers

Apple will probably stick to the new mini iPhone for another generation. Although sales of the iPhone 12 Mini are bad, the new small model will not be removed from the lineup in 2021. Several unfavorable factors got in the way of the iPhone 12 Mini.

The start of the iPhone 12 Mini (Affiliate link) went bad. The small model was not well received by customers, as several assessments by market observers showed. In the US they didn’t get past 5% market share in iPhone sales like we did in one corresponding message had reported. Other analysts also saw the iPhone 12 Mini far behind.

According to experts, the clear failure has several reasons. One brake is the continued availability of cheaper, older models with a larger display such as the iPhone 11 (Affiliate link).

The iPhone 12 Mini is also aimed primarily at European and American consumers who showed a significantly subdued desire to buy during the Corona crisis. In China, on the other hand, where Corona did not hit quite as hard, large displays are more popular, reported. All of this had raised fears that Apple might discontinue the iPhone Mini with the next generation, but it won’t be that fast.

The iPhone 13 Mini is still to come

Despite the weak numbers, Apple will initially hold on to all four models in the iPhone 13 lineup. JPMorgan Chase estimates that production of the iPhone 12 Mini could be discontinued in the second half of the year, but there will probably also be a small successor.

Also the leaker Jon Prosser believes an iPhone 13 Mini, so fans of the small sizes in Germany and among our readers can breathe a sigh of relief.

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