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The language changes in Windows 10 – so you change back

The language changes in Windows 10

Are you working or playing in Windows 10 and suddenly notice how the language of the keyboard changes? You did not click on anything to change the language, but still, it changed as if by itself. What really happened?

Easy. You probably pressed a keyboard shortcut that you did not know existed.

Then change the language on the Windows 10 keyboard

Changing the language used for the keyboard when typing in Windows 10 is easy.

It also means that it is easy to change by mistake.

If you notice that the language suddenly changes, you have probably pressed Shift + Left Alt on the keyboard at the same time.

It is a language change shortcut in Windows 10. You can also change the language on the taskbar, at the bottom right of the clock and date.

The W key opens the Windows Ink Workspace / Whiteboard

Another problem that appears to many is that they happen to activate the Slow Keys and Lock Keys feature in Windows.

You will notice that you have activated the function when the W key opens the Whiteboard function in Windows, or that the E key opens My Computer.

To deactivate, press Windows + Left Alt at the same time.

To set how the function works, open the Accessibility Center in Control Panel. Copy and paste the following address bar into one window to get right away:

Control Panel Accessibility Accessibility Center Make the keyboard easier to use

It’s not harder than that. Good luck!

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