The moderates want to force mouth protection on the Swedes

The moderates want to force mouth protection on the Swedes

According to the Moderates, the recommendation to wear a mouth guard in public transport is not enough. The party calls for the forcible consolidation of the already extensive coronary repression mouth guard, increased mass surveillance of citizens and to give even more far-reaching powers to the Social Democratic government.

In a debate article in the left-liberal Bonniertidningen Dagens Nyheter writes party leader Ulf Kristersson and the party’s economic-political spokesperson Elisabeth Svantesson that they have seven “demands” on how to tackle the so-called corona pandemic. Almost all of the demands concern various types of increased repression and even more far-reaching powers for the government, as well as various types of government efforts to cover up the catastrophic economic consequences due to forcing companies and other societal actors to limit and close their operations.

The pseudo-conservative party claims that Sweden is now on its way into “a third wave” and that Swedish corona policy must therefore be sharpened and an action plan drawn up that enables much tougher measures than today – something that will be discussed with other party leaders on Wednesday 24 February .

The first point is about wanting to see a national crisis management and how the government, rather than individual authorities, should be the ones to decide on the introduction of various restrictions and the like.

When you have to steer in fog, only the government can take that responsibility and those decisions should be based on the precautionary principle. This concerns, for example, clearer requirements for mouth protection. And unambiguous information about the vaccine

– claims the M-tops.

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