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The old Microsoft Edge disappears completely


Microsoft’s first attempt at the Edge browser was unsuccessful. Now it disappears completely in favor of the new version.
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Microsoft has long ago confirmed that the first version of their Edge browser will disappear. Last week, support for the browser ceased, and in April it will also be removed from the operating system as part of April’s so-called patch Tuesday.

Instead, the new generation comes off Edge, which, like Google’s browser Chrome, is based on open source Chromium, to completely replace the old Edge version.

More frequent Edge updates in the future

Microsoft is also planning more frequent updates of Edge and intends to move to a more frequent update schedule of four weeks instead of the current six weeks. The change is expected to take effect with Edge 94 which is scheduled to be released in September -21. The change is also in line with Google’s plans to also move to an update interval of four weeks during the third quarter of this year.
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