The Philips Hue app gets a major update

Philips Hue app version 4

Philips has now updated the Hue app to version 4, which provides new features but above all a new look that will facilitate and improve the experience.
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Then it’s time for Philips to update its Hue app, which is now released in version 4. The app has more or less been completely redesigned this time and it feels more like opening a new app more than an updated one.
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You should be able to easily control your different rooms, lamps, etc., but this has been made much clearer and nicer this time than before.

Philips seems to have worked a lot to have as few keystrokes as possible and instead squeeze in as much as you can on one screen, although it may be a lot, they have done it nicely.

Hue version 4 has already been released, so if you have not received the update, it is probably only a matter of time. Philips is already revealing that they have another update underway this summer with some new features, including dynamic scenes to create more dynamism in the room.

Philips Hue app version 4 Philips Hue app version 4 Philips Hue app version 4 Philips Hue app version 4

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