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The Psychology of Social Proof Marketing

Social Proof Marketing: The Psychology

Social proof is an excellent marketing strategy to comprar seguidores twitter increase trust among your customers. Let’s look at one example.

Let’s suppose a customer is looking at two different products. The one with more reviews has many pages, while the other has only a few. A product with more studies will be more trusted and more likely to buy than one with fewer reviews.

Social proof can be used in many other ways as part of your marketing strategy. Let’s explore what social proof is and the psychology behind it. We will also discuss how social proof can be used in marketing.

Twelve Types of Social Proof for Marketing

91% of consumers review a company before they purchase or sign up for a service. Reviews are only one type of social evidence. It shows how important it is to have some social proof for future customers.

Many types of social proof can be used for different purposes and in other industries.

We will be covering 12 types of social proof you can use in your marketing strategy.

1. Testimonials & Reviews

The testimonials and reviews left by your customers are one of the best forms of social proof. These testimonials and thoughts can be gathered on product pages, review sites, or social media.

We see, for example, a list with over 100 product reviews on the product pages of Edloe Finch, a boutique furniture retailer..

2. Case Studies

Case studies, as mentioned, are a significant selling point for B2-B organizations but not for B2C and eCommerce brands.

3. Well-Known Clients/Customers

Social proof can also be achieved by putting customers and clients you know front and center. To help others feel more confident, get permission from more prominent brands that have worked with or bought from your company.

4. Milestones

Sharing your company’s milestones is another excellent example of social evidence. This is a great way to show potential customers how many people follow or buy from you. It’s also a fun piece for social media content.

It could be:

Making it to X social followers

Increase your YouTube subscribers to X

Reaching X customers or users

Hitting X app downloads

Selling X Products

You can also display your customers and users right on the website. ConvertKit shares the number of users and shows how many subscribers they have.

5. Influencer Marketing

Businesses can demonstrate social proof through influencer marketing. TikTok and Instagram influencers tend to have large followings.

In this instance, we see an Instagram post by Julia Berolzheimer using #sakspartner

Social media users become more interested when they see their favorite influencers using and buying products and services.

These brands expand their reach to a broader audience and reach their target market.

6. User-generated Content

UGC (user-generated content) can be a great way to build a solid content calendar and increase your social proof. UGC refers to the content you can share online created by customers.

Although this is more of a B2C benefit, it can still be an excellent way for your followers to show interest. It increases their likelihood of purchasing if they see that you share content about your customers’ purchases.

This example is from The Sill.

They can increase the chances that someone will share a photo of a product they have styled and shared with them.

7. Customer Recognition

Consider re-sharing any online recognitions or accolades for your brand onto your page. This will show that you are social proof. This will show potential customers and followers that your brand has satisfied customers. It can also make them more likely to sign up or buy from you.

Here’s an example by Asana. One of their users had a positive experience using the project management tool, and they retweeted it for their followers.

Slack offers another way to show your love for your brand. Instead of cluttering their primary account with shout-outs for their brand, they created a separate @SlackLove Twitter account to house their customer recognition retweets.

8. Social Media Verification

A big blue check is another way to prove your business is legitimate. You can verify brands on almost every platform, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and LinkedIn.

This additional verification will help potential customers trust you and view you as a credible brand.

You can follow Anthropologie on Twitter:

You can see the verification check next to your brand name whenever you need it. This gives buyers of your extra business confidence.

9. Award and Accolades

Social proof can be provided by displaying awards and other accolades your company has received. You can receive various business awards or participate in top business roundups. These awards can be earned with badges that you can place on your company’s website.

Visme showcases its awards and honors on its homepage.

These will be displayed in the footer of other brands’ websites. This is an excellent way for website visitors to know that you are a reliable brand to work with.

10. Integrations

Although integrations are not as apparent as social proof, they can be a great way to build your brand because your brand will appear more trustworthy and solid if more businesses work with it. It is easier to work with you when your service is compatible with software already in use by a team.

Leadpages (as well as many other SaaS tools) has an entire database dedicated to all available integrations. This makes it easy for potential customers and quickly browse through the various options.

Sharing your integrations on social media is another excellent way to make more of them.

Here’s an example: A design app announces a new integration with its service.

You can also give quick tips on using your integrations or how to make the most of them.

11. Press coverage

Is your company mentioned in the media? This is a massive sign of social proof. It’s an excellent way for people to see that you are a big deal by sharing it on your website or social media profiles.

Casper shares its press coverage on their website.

Their press page contains a selection of top articles, reviews online, and a summary of all press mentions. It’s an excellent way for people to talk about your brand and encourage them to become paying customers.

You may have to pitch publications and send out press releases when you first start your business. As your business grows, it may become easier to get press coverage.

12. Collaborations

Social proof can also be achieved through partnerships and collaborations. Potential customers will trust you more when they see you with another company, an industry leader, or a well-respected expert.

CoSchedule hosts a podcast called Actionable Marketing Podcast. They interview experts to give their listeners insights.

This helps them be trusted in their industry and makes it easier for potential customers to sign up for their services.

How to get social proof

You’re ready to use the social proof you already have if you have at least one of these 12 types. If you don’t have any social proof, it might be good to learn how to obtain it. It is likely that you already have satisfied customers. To prove it, you will need some case studies or testimonials.

These are just a few of the ways you can generate social proof.


If you are a happy customer, why not ask them for testimonials or interviews? While not everyone will agree to do so, you will likely find someone who would be delighted to help.

Free your product or service

Giving away free products can be an excellent way to get feedback when you are just starting your business.

Offer incentives to reviewers

If your customers review your business, you can run promotions to get them into giveaways or contests. Offer a gift card for the first X customers to review your product or business.

Send press releases

Are you planning a major launch? Send out press releases to see if any publications will write a piece on your big launch. Boom!

Collaborate with influencers

Influencer marketing is an excellent way of social proof. Reach out to micro-influencers that might be interested in your brand’s promotion for a small fee or even a free product.

Your best numbers should be displayed.

Sold X products Reached X customers or generated $X in revenues? Please share this! This information can be a great source of social proof for your brand.

You can gather any social proof to post on your website and social media. It will reach your audience and encourage anyone unsure about your business to click the “check out” or the “sign up” buttons.


Social proof is an integral part of any marketing strategy. You can increase customer trust by highlighting success stories and milestones. This can result in a more extensive customer base and higher revenue.

Social proof can be used in different ways. It can be shared on your website, email newsletters, and social media. This will ensure that everyone feels more at ease with your business.

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