The Road Bumps that Students Face with Secondary Math

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Secondary level – what many would call high school – can be a time to learn more for the future and also have fun.

Unfortunately, no matter how strong their growing up hormones can be, many secondary school students have a hard time solving O level math subjects and problems. They face difficulties understanding the various notations in maths, and so struggle to solve problems such as equations and inequalities.

Many secondary students today find algebra, differentiation, trigonometry, and integration quite challenging because they are not able to fully grasp, simplify, and solve any given expression. They even find grasping simple solid concepts very difficult.

These students can struggle even with concepts and applications, cannot understand probabilities, and to correctly use mathematical information already provided. This can result in many careless mistakes during tests and examinations, resulting in compromising marks.

This is where secondary math tuition can help.


FamilyTutor is a dependable private or online home tuition in Singapore. In fact, when it comes to your children’s O level maths, we got you covered.

FamilyTutor is the most family-oriented home and online tutor, as attested by the awards we have received, the media features such as from Channel 8 and Straits Times, and many positive reviews on the internet from the more than 8,000 plus more-than-satisfied clients we have served. We have the highest level of satisfaction, guaranteed.

Our tuition rates are all fixed with no agency or hidden fees.

We follow MOE’s COVID-19 Safe Management Measures.

Why hire an O level maths home tutor?

We all know that the mathematics syllabus taught in Singapore is definitely connected all through its different levels. For instance, maths taught in junior colleges is an extension of the basic concepts taught during secondary school. Thus, hiring a secondary math tutor will help students to experience an easier and quicker transition from basic to advanced levels.

As proven time and again, basic concepts taught in O level maths such as differentiation, speed, probability, and percentage – to state a few – are also applicable for science subjects such as physics and chemistry. Therefore, gaining a strong foundation in mathematical concepts can help your children excel in other linked subjects. FamilyTutor tuition agency can match qualified tutors to provide expert guidance for your children so they can achieve academic goals.

Whether we believe it or not, mathematical concepts are used in our daily lives. In order for your children to experience efficiency in calculations like loans and payments later on in adult life, private home tutors can be a great help in helping them understand real-world concepts or where maths are used in daily living.

Ultimately, maths is a core subject and is compulsory not only at secondary level but also in junior college. Therefore, as parents, you need to start building up your children’s mathematical foundation today. FamilyTutor can greatly help in this aspect.

We are the #1 O level maths tuition agency in Singapore

When it comes to O level maths tuition in Singapore, FamilyTutor has over 60,000 experienced and qualified O Level Maths tutors tasked with the aim of helping improve any child’s concepts, and ultimately, grades. Whether you are looking for an A-Maths tutor or E-Maths tutor to prepare your child’s foundation in maths and for the coming O level examinations, we have a range of experienced candidates you can choose from. Each tutor is well committed to helping your child pass and even excel examinations with high marks on the report card.

Please do not wait too long to prepare your children’s future. The earlier your children can start, the more they can be prepared to take on the O level national examinations.

Contact FamilyTutor Today

For efficient O level maths tuition in Singapore, contact FamilyTutor today. We can find the most suitable maths tutor for your children. Mathematics is important in developing your children’s analytical and problem-solving skills. The mathematics syllabus taught in Singapore is one of the most developed in the world. With a good maths foundation, your children could someday be taking up maths-oriented courses not only in top Singapore universities but, perhaps in other countries.Let FamilyTutor help your children tackle and build a strong foundation for their future with our effective O level maths tuition today. Call us on 8777 2168.

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