The tech giants must not control the political debate

The Sweden Democrats want to appoint a parliamentary committee that will be tasked with ensuring the free formation of opinion on the internet and that the big tech giants cannot arbitrarily censor dissent.

In a debate article in Dagens Nyheter writes Jimmie Åkesson and several of his party comrades to giants like Facebook and Youtube is governed by a political agenda and “at the push of a button” removes opinions that “on loose grounds are considered inappropriate”. This is a democratic problem that must now be solved, they say.
The difference between the demonstrations of that time and the digital versions of today is that today they can be removed and silenced at the touch of a button, sorted out by American oligarchs who unofficially seem to want to go in the same direction as the rulers in Sweden“, One writes.

SD further points out that everyone can be silenced by the internet giants and that freedom of expression in principle no longer applies because it is now private actors who decide whether the messages should be allowed to be disseminated or not.
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