The Trump administration’s crackdown on pedophiles was global

The Trump administration's crackdown on pedophiles was global

Under the leadership of the Trump administration, extensive and international cooperation was staged to stop it pedophile rings, sex trafficking and the slave trade in the United States and other countries. The work was very successful, according to Liz Crokin, who in a “forbidden” video summarizes four years of work. An important part of the work to stop trafficking to the United States was to build the wall against Mexico.

The mass media has chosen not to report on these attacks on pedophile and sex trafficking rings at all or to a very small extent.
Liz Crokin describes how the attacks on the leagues over time climbed up the hierarchies. In 2018 and onwards, high-profile pedophiles and sex offenders began to be arrested. It was now that networks like NXIVM and Backpage.
com were stopped as well as celebrities like Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislane Maxwell, Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey grips. Entire human trafficking gangs were torn apart.

Video – Watch Liz Crokin’s summary in 10 minutes

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