Then the Cooler Master Masterliquid ML360 Sub-Zero starts to sell

Masterliquid ML360 Sub-Zero

Cooler Master will soon feel ready to launch its processor cooler that will keep the processor below freezing.

In November last year presented Cooler Master a completely new processor cooler, Masterliquid ML360 Sub-Zero which had some new solutions for cooling, including Peltier elements and a large closed water cooler.

Masterliquid ML360 Sub-Zero has Cooler master developed together with Intel Cryo Cooling Technology and this technology works in short so that direct current will flow between different metals and semiconductors which in turn creates the peltier effect. This in turn means that one side will get cold and this below zero degrees while the other side can get really hot, the heat development is thus sky high and this is where you have to work to get rid of this heat in the best way.

Masterliquid ML360 Sub-Zero also comes with a radiator of 360mm and there we find three 120 mm fans. If you choose this cooler, however, it is important to review your power consumption, which according to the Cooler Master should be 200 W.

Masterliquid ML360 Sub-Zero

The cooler will currently only work on Intel processor with socket LGA 1200 and then the cooler is compatible with Core i9-10900K, i9-10850K, i7-10700K and i5-10600K and probably also Core i9-11900K, i7-11700K and i5- 11600K in the future.

But if it tastes good, it costs with new technology, Cooler Master will start selling Masterliquid ML360 Sub-Zero on February 25 and the price tag will then end up at SEK 3,999.

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