Therefore, the new Siri Remote does not support AirTag


Apple has perhaps gone out with this year’s most ridiculous reason why new, improved Siri Remote does not support AirTag.

Can you guess what it is? And no, that’s not because Apple does not think you’ll take your Siri Remote with you on your next beach trip.

Apple: That’s why Siri Remote does not support AirTag

In an interview with the website MobileSyrup says Apple’s vice president Tim Twerdahl that the company is very excited about AirTags and everything they can do with the U1 circuit.

Tim Twerdahl also highlights the advantage of the network of Apple gadgets that makes the Find My service as comprehensive as it is today with more than a billion gadgets worldwide.

And it’s probably really good for everyone with AirTags, but it does not help you who have a Siri Remote that has fallen under the sofa or between the pillows. Because according to Apple, this is not a problem as the new Siri Remote is, to my surprise, a little thicker than the previous model.

Q: Was there ever any thought to adding some sort of AirTag-like technology in the Siri remote? I’m always losing the remote in my couch cushions and it seems like it would be a great idea. Did Apple not bother because the ‘Find My’ network is more designed for use outside of the home?

Twerdahl: We are super excited about AirTags and what we’re doing with U1, and part of that power is the Find My network and the fact that we can leverage a billion devices around the world to help you find stuff. To your point, that is the most powerful out of the home. With the changes we’ve made to the Siri Remote – including making it a bit thicker so it won’t fall in your couch cushions as much – that need to have all these other network devices find it seems a little bit lower.

Tim Twerdahl believes that the small change means that his Siri Remote does not tend to fall between the cushions on the sofa as much.

Need a better explanation from Apple

Come on Apple! We could have accepted that the power consumption increased too much or even that it was not possible for size reasons.

But to claim that Siri Remote is too thick to fall between the cushions in the sofa is a sweeping reason we do not believe. If Tim Twerdahl has ever seen a sofa, it’s clear that that tiny, extra thickness does not affect that issue at all.

We have lost entire mobile phones and much larger remote controls than Siri Remote in our sofa, so here we probably need a better answer from Tim and Apple. What do you think?

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