These iPhones will be capable of iOS 15

These iPhones will be capable of iOS 15

Apple has now released a list of which phones will actually be able to run iOS 15 this fall, a lot of iPhone models.

When Apple has new versions of its operating systems, it’s always interesting to know which of their older models will be able to handle these updates.

Now Apple has released the list of iPhones that will be able to run on iOS 15 this fall and can already reveal that there are a lot of phones. The iPhone 6S that was released in 2015 apparently goes the limit, but even though iOS 15 will come to the iPhone 6S, not all finance features will be available as the hardware limits this.

However, if you have the iPhone XS and beyond, virtually all new features will be available, impressive how Apple continues to give their six-year-old iPhone new updates.

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