Things You Need to Know About Field Marketing

Field Marketing
Field Marketing

As the name suggests, field marketing refers to the various marketing activities carried out ‘on the field.’ These activities involve face-to-face, personal interactions with potential buyers. Street promotions, events, retail merchandising, product samplings and demonstrations, etc., are some of the top field marketing strategies. 

Let’s discuss these strategies that help in relationship-building and effective lead generation.

Field Marketing Strategies:

Product Sampling and Demonstrations:

Here is an excellent way for marketers to get their products into the hands of the customers. It generates an experience that persuades the customer to try it, like it, buy it, and even promote it through word-of-mouth. Product sampling and demos campaigns usually take place in-store or at promotional events.

In-Person Events:

Such events are also termed Face-to-face marketing, where marketers get an opportunity to sell personally. The marketing tactic makes room for human connection. Communicating the brand message becomes easier during such events.

Street Promotions:

Public spaces act as the venue for street promotions. All you need for a great street promotion campaign is promotional products, props, and creativity! You can save up on advertising costs and run this campaign effectively in an open setting. Target customers on a personal level and persuade them to purchase. 

In-store Promotions:

These types of field marketing campaigns take place inside a brick-and-mortar retail store. In-store promotions form a part of the retail merchandising strategy to attract more customers and persuade them to purchase a specific product range. 


Retail merchandising refers to organizing merchandise within a store in an appealing manner. So, what is retail merchandising in the field marketing effort? The items intended to be promoted and sold during the campaign are pushed using merchandising tactics like attractive displays, informative signages, offering loyalty programs, etc. 

Tips to Create a Field Marketing Campaign:

Field marketing involves a wide range of activities. However, field marketing campaigns must align with your organization’s other marketing and sales goals. Here are three points you must consider while drafting an effective field marketing campaign:

Set Clear and Measurable Goals:

Poor planning of field marketing activities constructs an unsuccessful effort that causes businesses to lose their money. Setting a clear goal that directs your ideas and actions is crucial. The marketing goal must be aligned with the overall organizational goals and values. Moreover, your campaign must drive results that managers can calculate, analyze, and evaluate. The campaign can be tweaked to generate maximum sales based on the results.

Identify Your Target Audience:

Understanding your target audience will make the marketer’s job easier. When a marketer knows who they are catering to, the strategies can suit their requirements. While offering experiences, creating content, and sending out a specific brand message, the marketer must consider who they are dealing with. 

For instance, if you’re a brand promoting packaged baby food, the free food samples must be offered to potential buyers, like young parents with newborn babies or toddlers. Handing the sample to everyone will prove to be a waste of resources.

Create Personalized or Tailored Content:

One-size-does-not-fit-all. Well, individual customization is unrealistic. However, the marketer must create tailored content for each target audience segment. Gauge what the potential buyers seek and curate content around the marker demand. 

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