This is how Avast tries to “cheat” you on money (2021)


It is important that you use antivirus software on your computer, both Windows and macOS. Today, the risk of the computer being infected with so-called malware, or malware, is high. And if you do not have both antivirus software and a firewall on your computer, it can be very costly for you.

  • Unclear pricing allows you to cheat on a hundred bucks
  • Up to 73 percent price difference depending on where you buy
  • An endless hassle of buying if you use the free version

Does it sound bad? It is, too, and the security companies that develop antivirus software know about it.

They play on all the strings they can about how bad it is for you as an unprotected user. At the same time, they know that many prefer not to pay for antivirus software and that the competition in the market is fierce.

Therefore, they offer free versions of their antivirus software. Free, stripped-down protection with few functions but still basic security that is sufficient for the absolute majority of users.

Avast is a popular alternative with its Avast Free Antivirus. It’s free, helps you keep malware away, and stays in the background with automatic scans of your hard drives. No weirdness, right?

Of course, it is not that simple. Avast wants to pay for its services and does everything to ensure that you buy a more complete and functional protection for your computer (which is certainly good for some, we have no doubt about that).

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Avast is nagging and nagging and nagging – it never ends

The only problem is that Avast does it in a really, really ugly way. They nag and nag and nag and nag. An endless complaining that you do not have adequate protection – until you click that buy button.

Avast Premium Security is the step above Free Antivirus.

For SEK 288, SEK 399 or SEK 499 per year, you get more functional protection for the computer. The reason why prices differ? Because it depends on where you look.

If you upgrade via the Windows app, you get the price of SEK 288, if you do not decline the first offer because then the price increases to SEK 499 immediately. An increase of an extreme 73 percent (!).

If you try to buy via Avast’s official website, the price is instead SEK 399, which is an increase from the app by 39 percent.

It is therefore important that you choose the right one here, otherwise, it will quickly become more expensive than you thought. And in the end, it’s a pure loss to buy through Avast regardless, because there are retailers that charge significantly lower prices. For example, you can buy Avast Premium Security 2021 from Kinguin for a fraction of what security companies require themselves.

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