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No one in Sweden has escaped how online casinos have become part of the entertainment offer in many Swedish homes. We see many casino commercials on TV, have followed the debates around the market and probably also have one or a couple of friends who play at online casinos of various kinds. The phenomenon is nothing new, but it feels different because gambling has always been monopolized by the state. Several generations of Swedes have for many years already played on Lotto, Stryktipset and Keno, but may not have kept up with the wide range of online casinos. Since there is a lot to choose from, we will give you some tips on how to stay safe and play limited according to your own conditions.

First of all, you should review your general internet protection, then digital threats continue to increase as more and more people work from home. You should always have a virus program installed and the firewall on to avoid cyber threats of various forms. This applies not only when you play at online casinos but in 100% of the cases that you use your computer. As I said, casino is a form of entertainment, and therefore you should also use the casino as such. Here we give you the best tips for starting to play in an environment in which you feel comfortable.

Select Swedish gaming license and login with Bank ID

After the Swedish Gaming Inspectorate tightened up the rules for which casinos were allowed to operate on the Swedish market, the offer became a little more limited but all the more qualitative. All rogue gaming companies disappeared from the Swedish part of the internet and remained serious players who follow the new Swedish rules. This means that as long as you choose an online casino with a Swedish license, you will be safer in this otherwise quite tempting world. Among other things, the Swedish rules prohibit gaming companies from aggressive marketing, handing out recurring bonuses, and having loyalty programs that encourage more gaming. The process for verification of players, deposit methods and other administrative matters was also regulated in connection with this. Therefore, you should always choose to play at a casino with a Swedish license. is one of the sites that lists lots of gaming sites. There you will also find several that are approved on the Swedish market.

Familiarize yourself with the games

The next step is to get acquainted with the games you are interested in. You can do this in many different ways. It is best if the gaming site has a special section where the games are explained, the rules are specified and where certain strategies are suggested. The gaming companies that have gathered all that information are serious and good companies where you can play in peace and quiet. There is also usually the opportunity to try some of the games for free, which is an even better way to see if you are part of the scheme and whether the casino is something for you.

You can also use the rest of the internet to find information on how to play different games. There are lots of good sites that explain the basics of classic games like Roulette and Blackjack and list some of the different tactics to apply. There is also information about which games have the largest RTP, (Return to Player), ie payback frequency. Good slot machines have as close to 100% RTP as possible, which may be worth keeping in mind when looking for entertainment.
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Set game limits and test yourself

One of the most important functions that the Swedish Gaming Inspectorate has stipulated by law is that you as a player must have the opportunity to set game limits for yourself, which you can then not change in any way. This function must be available on all gaming sites in Sweden and you usually set these limits already when you become a member. Then you can decide what amounts you should spend at the casino each week, and how often you can deposit money for yourself. This is a simple trick to remind yourself that you have spent a certain amount or that it is time to take a break. In addition to these restrictions, you can also click on any of the three buttons marked game break, self-test and game limits that are always visible on your game company at any time. With the help of these, you can immediately turn off the game and block yourself from resuming it again, as well as take an official test to see if your gaming habits start to become destructive. In addition to these initiatives, you can always reach Stö from all Swedish online casinos. These initiatives will help you keep your gambling on the positive side of the line and use online gaming as entertainment because you simply find it fun.

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