Three affordable alternatives to the HomePod

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The market for so-called smart speakers is extremely competitive and all tricks are used there to secure the customer’s favor. A trend that Apple will no longer follow in the higher-priced intelligent loudspeaker segment for the time being. The HomePod will be deleted without replacement, such as reported from us this morning. We take the opportunity and show you three alternatives, which are also reduced in price.
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Three alternatives to the HomePod – but (almost) all of them without Siri

The market for smart speakers has become very confusing, which makes the selection not really easy. Nevertheless, we found three possible alternatives that can definitely keep up with the HomePod in terms of sound. However, we have to add that Siri cannot be used there.
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The reason is simple, Apple simply does not approve Siri for other manufacturers in this segment:

Bose Home Speaker 500

The first alternative is the Home Speaker 500 from Bose. Manufactured in an aluminum housing, two drivers are used, each radiating to the left and right, thus enabling a nice, wide stereo sound. Information such as the time or the current track can be read on the integrated display. The six station buttons on which radio stations or even the favorite playlist from Spotify, Amazon Music or Deezer can be stored are to be mentioned as a highlight. These can then be played with a simple tap, so there is no need to control them via smartphone. In addition to WLAN, AirPlay 2 or Bluetooth are also accepted as playback sources, which makes it extremely flexible. Starting with an RRP of € 349.00, you can take the Smart Speaker 500 with you for just under € 280.00:

Sonos One SL

Yes, the Sonos One SL does not need voice control. Nevertheless, this is a more than solid loudspeaker and gains its added value mainly thanks to its integration into the Sonos system. Available in black or white, the street price of the Sonos One SL is currently just under € 190.00. So if you are already equipped with Sonos, you can buy it here without hesitation. Thanks to its connection to AirPlay 2, it can of course also be conveniently connected to an existing HomePod for multi-room.

HomePod Mini

The first replacement for a HomePod is natural a HomePod Mini (Affiliate link). After all, you get three smaller versions for a large HomePod. This is also equipped with a thread, which is only an advantage for your HomeKit setup. In terms of sound, it may not act on the high level, but it is more than suitable for relaxed listening to music.

Which smart speakers do you use or can you recommend instead of the original HomePod?

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