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Casinos online are one of the most popular ways for people around the world to gamble and wager. With these casinos, players can play popular casino games from their living rooms. While online casinos are certainly convenient for casual gamblers, they have resulted in an increase in the number of problem gamblers who struggle with gambling addiction due to poor impulse control.

iGaming addiction is by no means a new issue within the gambling industry, despite the rise in internet casinos and online gambling. The issue of problem gambling has been one of the most important concerns within the gambling sphere since the beginning of physical casinos and physical sports betting. Through the advancement of digital technology, there have been significant improvements in the ability to limit gambling addiction and provide help to those who need it


People with gambling addictions can get help using digital technology via therapy services and helplines. Although online therapy has its own limitations and drawbacks, it remains one of the best ways for gamblers to receive professional help without the shame or social stigma associated with in-person therapy. Having access to the internet can make it easy for a person to receive professional guidance for treating their gambling addiction.


A casino collects all kinds of information about a gambler’s playing habits and uses this information to increase the house odds and keep the gambler hooked. Behavioral tracking tools can be used by social responsibility organizations to make players aware of problem gambling behavior although they may be used by casinos to exploit gamblers. 

Together with real-life data, information from these behavioral tracking tools can paint an accurate picture of a gambler’s extent and severity of addiction, which can be used to get them professional help.


One of the major contributors to the epidemic of gambling addiction is mobile gambling. With casino apps on their smartphones, players tend to lose control of their impulses and lose track of the time they spend gambling. Individuals who spend too much time gaming on their smartphones can limit screen time using different apps. 

Both Android and iOS have built-in tools to limit screen time and restrict access to certain apps thanks to advancements in smartphone operating systems. Gamblers can use these apps to distance themselves from casino games and adopt healthy consumption patterns when it comes to online gambling check out


Gamstop is a tool designed to limit gambling addiction. The official gambling authority of the United Kingdom provides and manages this service for players with problem gambling. Once they register on the Gamstop website, their access to all UK licensed casinos is limited until the specified time has passed. 

Gamstop is a great tool for restricting gambling activities, but there are also non-Gamstop casinos that can be accessed even with the Gamstop restriction in place. In combination with Gamstop, self-control and other measures like therapy are recommended. On this page, you can find a list of casinos that aren’t on Gamstop.

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