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To move the taskbar in Windows 11 to the left


A big news with Windows 11 is that the taskbar icons are centered. But if you do not want them there, but move everything to the left edge as in Windows 10, it is of course possible. How to use!

  • Centered icons are great for ultra-wide screens
  • You can change back to the left edge
  • The setting only takes seconds

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Therefore, the taskbar is centered in Windows 11

Many people were probably surprised by the centered taskbar when Windows 11 was first introduced.

Why did Microsoft make this change?

The reason for the centered taskbar is that many switch to larger screens of the “ultrawide” type. With 34 inches or more, it becomes difficult to use the taskbar icons when they are on the left edge.
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The change is thus no more advanced than that. Thankfully, you can move the icons back if you want.
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To move the taskbar in Windows 11 to the left

  1. Right-click an empty space on the Windows 11 taskbar
  2. Click “Taskbar Settings”
  3. In the new box that opens, scroll down to “Activity field behavior”
  4. Change the taskbar location setting from “center” to “left”

It’s not harder than that. You have now changed the position of the icons from being centered to the left in the taskbar.


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