Today Sushant, tomorrow it could be Sonu Nigam (a singer )

Today Sushant, tomorrow it could be Sonu Nigam (a singer )

Sushant Singh Rajput’s surprising suicide has once more delivered to the fore allegations of favouritism within the movie industry, however this point, the implications have gone on the far side the silver screen.

Singer Sonu Nigam has spoken of the likelihood of comparable tragedies within the music business, pertaining to the machinations of what he calls the ‘music mafia’.

In a vlog, the favored singer same young musical talent suffers thanks to the those that area unit in power. these days it’s Sushant Singh, tomorrow it are often a singer, musician or writer, he warned. He spoke of the misuse of power by a number of, WHO known as the shots on WHO ought to offer the music for films.

Noting that he had seen the frustration in young music composers, lyricists and singers, Sonu Nigam conjointly urged folks to be additional kind and compassionate to those newcomers.

“It’s terribly troublesome for the new children… I speak to each one amongst them. The producer needs to figure with them, the director needs to figure, even the music musician needs to figure with them however the music company can say: ‘NO’,” he added.

He conjointly hinted at however ‘a superstar’ troubled singer Arjit Singh, as a result of he didn’t like his attitude!

Thankfully for Arjit, his talent was too sensible to ignore.
however alternative newcomers aren’t thus lucky.(

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