Top 3 Reasons Why Your Company Needs Customer Service Management (CSM)


Customer success and account management professionals will attest to the critical relevance of strategic planning and a well-organized working procedure in their respective fields. Customer Service Management is becoming more crucial in today’s corporate environment, particularly in light of the rising need for digitization.

First and foremost, before we get into the precise reasons why every firm — no matter how large or little — need CSM, let’s define what the word means in plain English.

What exactly is CSM?

Customer service is concerned with delivering services to customers before, during, and after a transaction has been made. The ultimate purpose of customer service is to meet — and in some cases, surpass — the expectations of those who use its services. In order to do this, customer service representatives provide consumers with a variety of services and resources.
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It enables them to make cost-effective decisions and to utilize the product as effectively as possible.

The Customer Service Management (CSM) Solution employs service management concepts to minimize the number of cases handled and to boost the happiness of customers. In other words, it makes the life of your staff simpler while simultaneously enhancing the enjoyment of your consumers.

The facts and figures speak for themselves. According to Forrester research conducted in 2020, the Service Now CSM Certification provides the following operational improvements:

  • Improvements in initial contact resolution of up to 20% were seen
  • Cases launched over the phone were cut in half, saving 40% of the time.
  • Customer service attrition has been reduced by seven percentage points.
  • From support contract renewals, we were able to increase revenue retention by $5.2 million.

But, apart from the statistical evidence, what are the unique advantages of CSM?

  • Putting a high priority on excellent customer service increases revenue.

Customer Service Management assists you in providing your customers with a more seamless, simpler, and more efficient working procedure.And we all know that pleased consumers help a brand’s image by spreading the word about it, while more customer advocates result in lower marketing costs for the firm. Furthermore, client happiness is critical for customer retention. According to survey results, 75% of individuals said they would return to a firm that provided exceptional service.

  • Employee happiness has a positive relationship with customer satisfaction.

Moreover, according to Forbes, organizations with engaged workers beat the competition by an astounding 147 percent on average.
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CSM enables you to optimize your internal operations while also bringing your team together. As a result, the burden is reduced, yet efficiency is increased as well. This results in a win-win scenario for all parties involved. Employees are happier and more well-coordinated, and there is more time available to devote to providing greater service to the clients.

  • Visibility and automation are made possible with CSM.

You may do the following using the ServiceNow Customer Service Management:

  • Gain insight into the health of your consumers’ goods and services in real time;
  • The ability to recognize problems before they occur, or perhaps to prevent them from sprintzeal occurring altogether.
  • The CSM also enables your organization to recognize and forecast patterns, as well as save time by automating the resolution of typical issues.

The advantages of CSM are applicable to various types of businesses, including those in high-tech, telecommunications, government, and the financial and healthcare sectors, among others. Your organization, regardless of whether you are the owner of a small family business or a large multinational enterprise, will benefit from having an effective CSM in place.

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