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TOP 5 features of the notes app (+ competition for the full version)

TOP 5 features of the notes app (+ competition for the full version)

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Note apps are a dime a dozen, but one of them stands out with its innovative concept. That is the agenda. Now that we have a detailed review of the app, we want to explain today which specific functions we liked best about Agenda. And in the end, five of you can even win the premium version! Thank you for reading!

Agenda advertises to be an appointment-based note-taking app. The notes can have a date and are in projects. This way you get a really pleasant overview of upcoming, current, and past projects. In other note apps, you can often only see what the user last changed and when. However, this novel concept has a few other features that appealed to us.

We have compiled a TOP 5 list. Let’s get started!

5th place: price model

We start with an unusual “feature”, the price. You will soon know what we mean by that. Most apps in the App Store cost an amount “x” right away or require a paid subscription in the app.
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Agenda takes a slightly different approach. In principle, the app can be used permanently for free. However, if the user wants to get access to the premium functions, he only has to pay a certain amount once. Then not only the current chargeable functions but also those premium functions that will be added in the next 12 months will be activated for “lifetime”.

This has the advantage that you can decide for yourself which functions are worth the money and when you prefer to suspend a payment.

4th place: export opportunities

We have placed a large number of different export options in fourth place of our favorite functions. The app offers a total of six different options. Below that we even have the option of exporting as an agenda file.

Agenda export opportunities

In addition, the Agenda can spit out a simple text without formatting. This enables easy sharing with users. By the way: even the due date is adopted when sharing.

3rd place: Include calendar and reminders

In addition to the date-based notes, calendar appointments and reminders from various other apps can also be entered. This makes it more efficient to manage your notes in connection with other appointments and to-dos. We would like others to have similar types of linkage between apps.

Agenda calendar reminders

2nd place: Variety of formatting and attachment options

The notes in the Agenda are not just simple text notes. There are two other very interesting formats available. On the one hand, we have a multitude of formats. In that context, you can find everything you can imagine – from simple headings to blocks of code. Markdown is also supported. On the other hand, there are a number of attachment options. Mention should be made here of attaching pictures, scanned documents, files, memories, drawings, and much more.

Agenda formatting

1st place: Overview of the power of two

By building an agenda, you can keep track of things even with more complex projects. And it’s not that easy at all! Other note-taking apps in particular, such as those from Apple, often leave you out in the cold with large fonts. The same goes for users who are constantly opening new notes. With Agenda you can find out at a glance what is coming up on the day. And in the “On the Agenda” section, you can find all things that are due at some point later. The structuring within projects is done with drag and drop or various other sorting criteria. You can also pin notes at the top or bottom.

The notes app is not just a simple way of taking notes but has a certain calendar and reminder function integrated. Agenda helps you to structure the day, the week, projects, and all thoughts.

The conclusion of the editors

Agenda relieves the user of any sort of sorting and presentation and just lets them do their work. Namely, writing down notes. Agenda takes care of the rest, making the user more productive and efficient. And that’s exactly what an app you might pay for should do.

Agenda can be found free of charge in the App Store. The premium features in the iOS app for 12 months can be activated for 16.99 euros. The license for iOS and macOS costs 38.99 euros.



For readers: Get the premium version for free!

As an apple page reader, you now have the opportunity to enjoy all current premium features (and those that will be added in the next 12 months) free of charge. You are welcome to take part in our little competition that will run over the next 7 days.

We’re giving away in the comments here 5 codes for the premium version of Agenda. How can you get this? Just write a nice comment under the article, in which you can tell whether you already know Agenda or maybe even use it. And even if not, that can still change! The whole thing runs for a week and for the others: The agenda can be tried out free of charge.

Thanks to Agenda and to you guys for reading. Good luck in the competition and have a nice weekend!

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