Top 5 Moral-Uplifting Quotes To Kick-Start Your Day On A Good Note!

The constant burden of completing assignments on time, attending back-to-back online classes, preparing for tests, assessments, and exams are enough to make you feel low on some days. Though it is okay to not feel motivated throughout the day, it is always a good idea to lift your spirits at times when you don’t get that zeal to complete activities that you ought to do daily.

So, how can you start your day on an optimistic note? Well, of course, by deriving mental strength and prowess from some incredibly empowering quotes. Have a productive day by intaking a strong dose of motivation!

Gear up to come across some of the killer quotes that are sure to spark positivity and encouragement in your mind to give you a push so that you continue to excel in your academic and extra co-curricular activities.  No matter how frustrated or exhausted you feel because of the ongoing academic pressure, these quotes are going to be instrumental in inspiring you to keep achieving all your goals and performing well in any activity you indulge yourself in. 

C’mon, let’s check out how powerful and effective these quotes are in boosting your morale!

Quote #1: If there is no struggle, there is no progress. 

This brutally true quote by Frederick Douglass clearly upholds the fact that struggle and incessant hard work are the two elements that can ensure progress in one’s life. Muster all your energy and get set to achieve your goals, one at a time. And, you are sure to make progress, in this way!

Quote #2: Make each day your masterpiece. 

John Wooden has aptly made this remark, and no wonder why, it has turned out to be a popular quote. It is a prudent choice to make the most of the day you have got at hand. By using time judiciously, do some productive tasks to create ‘masterpieces’ each day and gain accomplishments. So, what are you waiting for? Rush to move a step ahead in your dreams!

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Quote #3: You carry the passport to your own happiness. 

Diane Von Furstenberg’s quote is motivating enough to set you on your work right away. No one will urge you or make you do your work unless you become the motivating factor of your life. Work hard, and live the life of your dreams. Your happiness is in your hands, sweetie! So, work accordingly. 

Quote #4: Energy and persistence conquer all things.

This quote by Benjamin Franklin is what you need to trigger your mind to start doing productive things. Indeed, retaining high energy levels and great enthusiasm is not always possible and it is okay to not feel strongly motivated. At such moments, always remember that all the obstacles lying in your path to success can be thwarted only if you use your energy and persistence as your weapon to gain what you want. 

Quote #5: Formula for success: rise early, work hard, strike oil.

J. Paul Getty’s simple yet effective formula for success is right in front of you. Start your day with this mantra and watch yourself progressing, by taking great strides to reach your destination. You can do it!


Whenever you feel demotivated and stressed by the exhaustive classes to be attended via mobile teacher app, draw support and strength from these powerful quotes we shared with you. It is not at all wrong to not feel like your energetic self, on some days. But, guess what? At such moments, all you need is a little push so that you switch to your actual, enthusiastic and optimistic state of mind. Act now! Use motivational quotes to feel good about yourself and your actions. Keep working hard! You are just closer to your goal. Never give up! All the best!

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