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Top 5 most expensive diamonds discovered till date

Top 5 most expensive diamonds discovered till date

Diamonds are the most valuable gemstone of all. Though they are not rare rather are commonly found but its carat rate depends upon its rarity. Rarer the stone ,the more expensive they are .The journey of diamonds have long story as they go though intense heat and pressure deep within the Earth’s crust for millions of year and then they come up to the Earth’s surface by natural forces or by human .The characteristics of diamond are determined by the 4 c’s. Each characteristic has an impact and effect the value of diamonds. Diamond has his brilliance that they get from 3 things reflection, refraction and depression. This glittery glint of the diamond attracts the buyers towards it. Although the process of formation and phenomenon of dazzling shine goes same but they differ in size, colour, cut and carat. These differences between the diamonds make them unique. Diamonds are truly flawless. It’s just that we need to pick the best which meets our requirements. Before heading for it you need to build up your knowledge to grab the best one. Diamonds are undoubtedly the most expensive as they cost a lot to get them to the market and even due to its rarity they have a limited supply.

Diamonds are truly the most beautiful thing that one can ever possess due to this quality people doesn’t hesitate to let go their hard earned savings. Some people don’t hesitate to let go their hard earned savings. Some people so fascinated by its beauty that they hunt for the rarest among them and are rarest among them and are on heels to spend a bulk of their penny for such lovely unique pieces. Now a days diamond as engagement ring has gained popularity and a trend too. This represents the exemplary testament of love and commitment. The tradition of presenting your fiancé with a diamond ring began and gained popularity by 1960s in United states and London. There are many different engagement ring settings a person can choose from. So, explore the options to pick the right Hatton garden engagement rings in London.

The 5 most expensive diamonds ringed in today’s date are

  1. The De Beers Centenary Diamonds- The De Beers are the fifth most expensive and third largest diamond globally.
  2. The Cullinan Diamonds-It is considered as the 4th largest diamonds according to its weight and 3rd most expensive diamonds which has a massive weight and size.
  3. The Hope Diamonds-The Hope Diamonds are the fourth most expensive diamonds in the diamonds list which large and blue in colour.
  4. The Sancy Diamonds-The Sancy Diamonds are pricy too and occupies the 2nd place in accordance of value.
  5. The Kohinoor Diamonds- They are the most expensive and magnificent diamonds in the world. In Persian the word Kohinoor means the ‘Mountain of Light’. Its unmatched due to the unique size worldwide. Most of the royal families claim the ownership of this diamond today.  

To explore a little more if you look for some fascinating facts of diamond you can find that it is more than a billion years old, it is the hardest natural substance on earth which is made up of only one element that is carbon. Diamonds comes in many colours and scientists have discovered that a planet that they believe is composed mostly of carbon and is one-third pure diamond


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