Top PlayStation 5 games one can play for free

Top PlayStation 5 games one can play for free

PlayStation 5’s affordability is still not yet the thing of the masses, with games costing as much as $60-$80 and the console itself amounting up to $400-$500. Even if one got hold of it, buying games can only be an occasional affair, that is, unless you hoard good a volume of dollars. Next gen is here to stay and Sony’s entry into the console space has been fierce.

The PS5’s list of free-to-play games is amazing – providing you with a great gaming experience and at the same time preventing you from reaching deep into your pockets, either for micro-transactions or for deceptive add-ons. Keeping that in mind, here are some entries that will entertain you until you can afford to buy.

Call of Duty: Warzone (Release date: March 10, 2020)

Arguably PS5’s most mouth-watering free-to-play entry, Call of Duty: Warzone is a battle royale epic with extensive cross-play support across PlayStation, PC and Xbox platforms. PS5’s graphics show up much better on next gen consoles and one can also reload all of the PS4 game data into next gen accounts. The game is frequently updated and its massive open setting pitches in a variety of players in the multiplayer mode.  

It is one of the most popular free games ever with fantastic level design, numerous modes, and makes for a brilliant first-person shooter experience. Check out our article at Techno Stalking about playing this at 120fps.

Fortnite (Release date: November 11, 2020)

Epic Games’ Fortnite has taken over the gaming industry by storm ever since its first release via early access on September 26, 2017 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. However, the free-to-play cross-platform game looks and feels best on the PS5, as it performs well on 4K settings at 60 frames per second. It loads faster, controls feel much smoother and the dual screen functionality with 60 fps support works just fine.

Higher performance tweaks allow players to immerse themselves in an unforgettable gaming experience – against players from all around the world. 

Warframe (Release date: November 26, 2020)

When Warframe initially released back as a PS4 game, it did not possess much content to lure in the amount of gamers that it has now. The abundance of material and resources has made it the go-to free-to-play game and PS5’s presence to boost its performance is the perfect combination for a fun gaming experience. It is one of the most in-demand games at the moment, mainly due to constant updates and content optimization

The graphics have improved dramatically and the generous free model is one of the best out there.

Destiny 2 (Release date: November 12, 2020)

With free next gen upgrades, Destiny 2 New Light – the free-to-play version of Destiny 2 – is a formidable shooter gaming experience. PS4 players could easily jump to the next console without thinking twice due to easy transfer of data and regular updates, which have made it one of the best free games in the market. 

It has a generous offering for all kinds of shooter fans and PS5’s specs make for a great gaming experience.

Genshin Impact (Release date: April 27, 2021)

Not many role-playing games tend to be free and finding one which is also an open-world game can be an even harder hustle if you go through the library of free console games. One of the first titles you’ll find is Genshin Impact – a fantastic RPG which is quickly turning out to be one of the most popular free games. The open world is great to explore with a single player campaign of its own. 

Free gaming experiences have never been more fun – thanks to cross-platform functionalities, plethora of additional support, great content and free upgrades. Accessible multiplayer features also allow one to engage in esports with gamers from all across the globe. According to Asiabet, Call of Duty and Fortnite are the most successful console esports gaming titles when one considers the plethora of free games available to play. If you are an avid streamer of esports, you can also figure out any specific games you want to bet on, in order to support your favourite games or esports teams. Different geographies have different preferences and there is a massive variety of betting markets to choose from. For example: Asians have a special preference for multiplayer online battle arenas and first person shooters, just like how Europeans are known to prefer sports titles such as EA Sports’ FIFA series.

In today’s age, gaming is a stress-buster and almost every other person you know possesses some kind of gaming equipment – PC, consoles or simply a mobile to engage with. The PlayStation 5 is a force of technology not to be taken for granted. Developers and publishers such as Activision, Epic Games and several others have kept the console community active with continuous updates for their brilliant titles and it might just be the time to get a PS5, if you can afford it, of course. 

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