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Trainer Profile: Milton

Milton Exclusive personal trainer Miami is one of our younger trainers and has shown incredible learning skills and personal training habits. His communication skill are incredible and he has become well respected among our clients. Milton works with our Miami based clients and has the possibility of traveling to them or providing them with a gym depending on what our clients need. 

Our Training Has No Limitations

Many asks us if there are limitations to the people we take, a weight limit or health condition. The answer is no. The reason for this is that we are trained professionals who go above and beyond to study the client, their needs and possible limitations. This is the reason we implemented the hormone optimization part of our program. We realized that sometimes a diet plan and a workout regime is not enough because there might be an issue in the inner workings of your body that don’t allow the body to lose weight or gain muscle as easy as other people. This is the reason that when held with a challenge like my client Federico, we knew in a short amount of time, after going through the necessary hormone optimization tests that we needed to apply a diet that was perfect for him. 

Training Federico

Federico came to us worried that any diet he tried to do it would never put him in the weight he wanted to be. As a trainer it is important to build trust and good communication between both parties involved. Federico would go through the training and the diet plan we had built for him and still found no decrease in his weight. When discussing his diet, he promised he was following the diet as we had prescribed it to him. There we knew that something had to be wrong hormonally for none of the programs he had tried to work. We took his blood work and through our hormone optimization program realized he had a testosterone and thyroid deficit that was hindering his process of loosing weight. 

As soon as we realized what the issue was it became an easy process for Federico to enter a speedy process. Slowly we saw the numbers in the scale lower. With a better diet and necessary supplements he started taking for his deficiencies we were really proud of his 85 pound weight loss. 

Call or text for consultation!! Personal trainer Miami. I offer the highest quality of personal training and online coaching with years of experience. If you are looking for a trainer who specializes in nutrition, and customizes and tailors training programs I am for you.

Importance of Communication

With Federico we learned two very important lessons. The importance of our hormone optimization program and how it really changes the way we personalize the diet and workout plans to out clients. Through this program we have really been able to become unique as a personal training company, because we make sure to not only have good workouts but make sure those workouts are specific to our client’s needs. We also learned the importance of communication. We believe in our clients, and instead of continuing the program as we had first established it we believed Federico that something was not right. By building the trust, we can really establish a healthy plan for the clients and get real results that speak for themselves. 

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