Twitter up and running with a subscription service?

Twitter up and running with a subscription service?

Twitter seems to be working on a subscription service they have chosen to call Blue, but what do you really get as a subscriber at Twitter?

There has long been speculation and leaked information that Twitter should work on some type of subscription service, now this seems more or less confirmed by people who have started rummaging among the codes in Twitter.

It is Twitter user Jane Manchun Wong who seems to have found out that a subscription service is underway and will be called Blue, it will cost three dollars a month. The question many have asked themselves is which functions will be included in Blue and one function seems to be to be able to undo their tweets, maybe even edit them, and you will be able to organize a bit among the tweets what order is to come.

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But this does not seem to be everything, according to Jane who obtained this information, there seem to be even more expensive alternatives, but how much these cost and what features are included there we do not know.

Twitter has not yet said anything about Blue, but it is probably just a matter of time and the question is how much interest there is actually for this. Are you willing to pay less than USD 30 a month to be able to cancel your tweet and organize among them? Are you willing to pay even more to be able to edit your tweet?

Since when do we have to start paying to undo and edit their text? 2021 as I said and I really hope this is not true.

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