Two news for iWork on iOS, iPadOS and macOS (June 2021)

Apple has updated the apps in the iWork suite. There are minor updates for iOS, iPadOS and macOS – but it contains two welcome news.

  • Two news
  • Better functionality in the Schoolwork app
  • Support for linking objects in documents

Three apps have been updated recently. These are Pages, Keynote and Numbers.

The first news only applies to Pages and Numbers. And that is that you can now link objects in your documents.

This means that objects such as lines, images, drawings, text boxes and other shapes can link to URLs, email addresses and phone numbers.

Linking objects, however, does not work on Keynote, which is without this function. At least for now.

Keynote, on the other hand, gets another news that also applies to Pages and Numbers.

And it is that the Schoolwork app can now show school students’ progress, the number of words in documents and how much time has been spent in specific documents.

This makes it easier for teachers to keep track of school work and see what students are doing with their documents.

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