Upcoming Movies on HBO Max in 2022


HBO Max is a relatively new streaming platform compared to a few other industry giants such as Netflix or Hulu. Still, the entertainment giant was not shy of putting forth exciting content for its loyal viewers.

Thus, started the bombardment of phenomenal movie and TV show titles on HBO Max. While there is a plethora of content heading your way if you have subscribed to HBO Max, we thought to assist you in shortlisting the movies that you ought to watch at your earliest.

However, HBO Max is currently only accessible from within the US and a few other countries. Even residents of Canada are not blessed with the luxury that is HBO Max. And Canadians hoping to watch HBO Max Canada would need to turn to a reliable VPN service. Anyway, that is a discussion for some other time. For now, let us tell you about the movies worth tuning into that we have got you all excited about.

The Batman

It would be unfair to start this list without mentioning the fan-favorite superhero in the mix. The Batman is an upcoming movie by director Matt Reeves where he shares his portrayal of the Dark Knight from Gotham.

Donning the cape is Robert Pattinson, who is seen running through Gotham when a ruthless serial killer suddenly targets key political figures. The tempting feat for all true Batman fans is that the serial killer is none other than the Riddler. Assisting Pattinson in this sensational spectacle are Hollywood actors Zoë Kravitz, Jeffrey Wright, and others.


Denis Villeneuve brought forth one of the most exciting adaptions of Frank Herbert’s sci-fi novel. Dune tells the story of a noble heir, Paul Atreides, who must embark upon a tiring journey across the galaxy in hopes of protecting the most precious element in the galaxy. And this burden is on top of the fact that he is the only heir and faces some unique personal problems. Portraying the role of Paul Atreides is actor Timothée Chalamet, while other prominent cast members include Rebecca Ferguson, Zendaya, Oscar Isaac, and Jason Momoa.


Lana Condor is returning again in a rom-com after proving her worth in the ‘To All the Boys’ franchise. This time though, she is leading in a sci-fi rom-com where she shares the screen with Cole Sprouse.

Set to debut in late March 2022, the story revolves around two students (Condor and Sprouse) who decide to sneak up on a spacecraft headed for Mars.
The reason for this apparent foolishness is their determination to reunite with their significant others who have moved to a colony on Mars. The movie is also expected to highlight performances from several other actors as well such as Zach Braff, Lukas Gage, Emily Rudd, and some others.

The Aviator

You should also check out this biography about Howard Hughes, a prominent aviator from the 20th century. The biography has already joined the HBO Max Canada and is awaiting your viewership. For those unaware of this legend’s life, the story highlights the early career of aviation tycoon and director Howard Hughes.

In addition to showing his love for movies and dedication to the field of aviation, the movie also puts the spotlight on his personal life where he is seen suffering from depression and skin-crawling phobias. Portraying the legend is Hollywood superstar Leonardo DiCaprio, whereas other supporting cast members include Cate Blanchett, Kate Beckinsale, John C. Reilly, and a few others.

Halloween Kills (Extended Version)

Finally, let us conclude with a spooky spectacle set to appear on HBO Max at the end of March 2022. Michael Myers is still not done with his bloodthirst as he has returned once again from his apparent death.

In this movie, though, we see a mob forming, led by Tommy Doyle, that is dead set on eradicating the threat, Michael Myers, once and for all. The spotlight is pretty much focused on Laurie Strode, who babysits young Tommy Doyle when the bloodbath began. Portraying the role of Laurie is Hollywood sensation Jamie Lee Curtis; while supporting her are actors Judy Greer, Andi Matichak, James Jude Courtney, and several others.

Read, Set, Stream!

These are only a few titles that you can look forward to once you hop on to HBO Max Canada; there is a flood of other titles as well that you are bound to find tempting.

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