Use in the iPhone from 2023?

Up to 10 Gbit / s in the iPhone with the new Qualcomm chip

Apple may be using its own 5G modems in the iPhone from 2023, and the preparations for the change have been going on for years. Then the hour should have struck for Qualcomm in Apple devices, but Apple did not close a long-term license deal with the chip developer until 2019.
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The use of Apple’s own modems in the iPhone and iPad is getting closer: For the first time, a 5G modem developed by Apple could be used in an iPhone in 2023, predict the two analysts Blayne Curtis and Thomas O’Malley from the Barclays bank. In a current note With a focus on the supply chain, they assume that the orders for the production of components will promise good business, especially for the chip manufacturers Broadcom and Qorvo.
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Apple has been working on its own modem for a long time, but this chip was not finished in time to avoid having to rely on a supplier such as Intel or Qualcomm.

Apple’s modem should support all types of 5G

As it goes on, it is currently expected that the first modem developed by Apple will support both Sub6GHZ and mmWave-5G, this is not the case with the current X55 from Qualcomm, which is used in all iPhone 12 models outside the USA Use comes.

In a further message we reported about the alleged modem in the iPhone 13.
The license deal with Qualcomm from 2019 was concluded for a term of six years. How Apple will deal with the agreement, if you can actually rely on your own modems from 2023, remains to be seen. It is conceivable, for example, that Apple will initially continue to use Qualcomm modems for some older models.

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