Valorant comes to the mobile – confirmed by Riot


The hit game Valorant has been on the PC for about a year now.
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And in the future, the game will also work on your Android phone or iPhone.

  • No support for cross games between PC and mobile
  • Fully mobile adapted from the start
  • No indication of when the game will be released

The news that Valorant is coming to the mobile was confirmed by the game studio Riot in a message on the game’s anniversary.

The name of the game is unsurprisingly Valorant Mobile. Although the game originates from the PC version, the game’s producer Anna Donlon claims that the studio takes into account the needs of mobile players in the first instance.

This means – if we are to interpret Anna’s message – that Valorant Mobile will not be a straight copy of the PC version.
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The revised version for mobiles will not support cross games with the PC version. So you can not play on your iPhone or Android phone against your friends on gaming computers.

Valorant Mobile and Valorant will be kept completely separate from each other. All the progress you make on one will not be transferred to the other.

There is no stated timeline indicating when Valorant Mobile may be released.

However, Anna Donlon says that the game can potentially be released during the “second year” with Valorant, which means from now until June 2022. Whether this will be the case remains to be seen.

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