Is the virtual office in 3D a new, fun way to remote work?

virtual office

A virtual office is a non-physical office that is ideal for online businesses and remote working. A virtual office is a paid service that gives you a legally registered business address, mail forwarding, and reception services. It also includes basic office facilities like scheduled conference rooms, fax machines, Wifi, cafeteria, etc. 

The aesthetics are designed according to the latest in the industry. It is a shared workspace where you can occasionally use the office facilities. A virtual office can be the first milestone for the expansion of your business. 

A virtual office is a very efficient way of running a remote office. With its flexible payment plan and tailor-made packages to suit your business needs. You can add or remove the office facilities as needed. 

One of the biggest challenges in a virtual office environment is disconnection. Since the employees don’t go to the office premises, they feel no connection with the office and their colleagues. This disconnection can make them feel lonely and bored. 

To increase the engagement of employees, try to give them an environment as close to the real one as possible. Some companies have implemented a new innovative way to engage the employees. They have developed a 3D replica of the original office floor plan. The employees have their avatars and their cubicles. 

The conference and break rooms are also a part of the office. You can hold meetings and group discussions with the avatars of other employees. Although at first, you might find it awkward bumping into the avatar of your employees. But, with time and experience, you will learn how to handle the most fun office environment.

Several tech companies are working in designing such environments. They use 3D technologies for developing the office model. VR, AR, and mixed technologies are also being used for this purpose. Huge tech companies like Microsoft and Facebook are also working on incorporating mixed reality into their software already being used for virtual environments. Facebook’s infinite office uses mixed reality for an exciting way to work. It uses a gesture interface to swipe the browser windows on your monitor from your seat. Microsoft is also planning to integrate AR and VR into Teams.

This strategy connects your employees with the office and their colleagues in a more realistic way than just sitting in front of a computer screen and looking at each other’s faces. Some of the software has comical avatars, while there are a few where you can put your picture over your avatar. You can see your 3D character along with other employees sitting in a conference room discussing the project. You can also see your avatar walking around the office. 

Benefits of using 3D in your virtual office:

Increases engagement of employees:

You will have to agree that seeing your office as a 3D model on your screen and yourself as a 3D figure is fun and exciting. But it is also useful in keeping your employees engaged. This relaxed and innovative way to interact with the employees keeps them committed. Attending the office is not a burden to them anymore. 

Removes employee disconnection:

The biggest challenge that comes with remote working and virtual offices is disconnection from the work environment and colleagues. Since the employees are not commuting to the office premises daily, they feel disconnected from the business. Such software can keep them linked to the office and remove this distant feeling. The office plan in 3D is in front of them and they can roam around in the office as if physically present there.

Build trust between the employees:

In a virtual office, the employees never meet face-to-face. There is a lack of trust and understanding between them. In a 3D virtual environment, they can interact frequently in a more personalized manner. They can visit each other’s cabins and chat with each other. They can even go to the breakroom and have discussions on topics other than work.

Polish skills:

VR and AR technology can be very helpful in capacity building and physical skills training. It can create real-world scenarios and problems using 3D tools for a better understanding and training. Research is being done on how AR glasses can make face-to-face interactions of sight impaired and hearing impaired employees better and more convenient.

Is it required for you to have a 3D virtual office?

Innovation is always the way forward. You might think of it as a gimmick now but if you look closely, it will improve the progress of your workforce. Initially, it is hard to use but after trying a few times, you will find it efficient and exciting.

In remote working, employees become lonely and more stressed out. To maintain good emotional and psychological health of employees, keeping them engaged and connected is very important. A 3D virtual office is very effective for this purpose. 

Your employees will be on better terms with their colleagues as well. They will get a real-time virtual experience of the work environment and will not feel like lonely workers. If you see it this way, it is a complete win-win!

Many new startups are working in this direction. You can get a personalized 3D virtual office tailor-made for you. With Ar and VR technology, you can pretty much get any feature integrated into your system. You can get a games area for recreation of employees as well. You can use this technology to virtually train your employees for better results. 

In short, a 3D virtual office is a fun and new way of making remote work as real as possible. To enhance efficiency and productivity, one should not shy away from innovation. Out-of-the-box solutions make all the difference when fighting in the cutthroat competition. Be among the first ones to adopt new technology to get an edge over your competitors. After all, an early bird catches the worm.

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