Vivaldi is the browser that blocks pop-up boxes about cookies

Tired of the annoying pop-ups asking if you accept cookies in your browser? You are far from alone, and now the Vivaldi browser has a solution to the problem.

With version 3.8 of Vivaldi, there is a new feature called “Cookie Crumbler”. When the function is activated, boxes that want you to accept so-called cookies, also called cookies, are blocked in the browser.

It’s easy to set up Vivaldi to block the pop-ups. How to use:

  1. Make sure Vivaldi is version 3.8 or later
  2. Open Settings
  3. Go to Privacy> Scroll down to “Tracker Blocking Sources”
  4. Check the option for blocking the pop-up boxes


Therefore, Vivaldi blocks pop-up boxes about cookies

Example of a pop-up box that Vivaldi wants to block for you.

In a blog post on his website, Vivaldi writes that they want to simplify users’ browsing in the browser.

When a website asks for permission to save cookies on the user’s computer and track them, it often happens with several different menu choices if you want to keep track of what you accept.

Sometimes the options are properly hidden in the popup box and in some cases the box is extremely difficult to navigate and blocks the affected website completely before the user is done with the choices.

Cookie Crumbler is a step on the way to a smoother surfing experience.

But the function is not completely finished and if you install version 3.8 you will see yourself as a beta tester of the function.

If you are tired of both your regular browser and at the same time all pop-ups, it may be worth a try.

Here you download Vivaldi 3.8 and later

Vivaldi is available for both Windows and macOS. Here are download links for both systems:

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