Ways to Promote Your YouTube Channel

There is always a challenge when you want to promote your YouTube channel to get many subscribers. The hustle of creating a video is daunting enough so when you post your video, you want to make sure you have nothing but a lot of views so that people can always know you. Here you are, a new person with a new channel, what should you do to ensure you climb the popularity ladder so quickly and make yourself known to the world? SocialGreg has a few tips for you so that you get more subscribers.

Pay Big Influencers to Market Your Channel

Whether you accept it or not, some people are far way ahead of you when it comes to popularity. These people have millions of followers and fans so whatever they post gets the attention of the masses. Since you are new, you can merge with such people even if it means you paying some money for your videos to be featured in their videos. This way, you will have outstanding outcomes because a lot of people will not just watch but will also subscribe to your videos.

Comment On Other People’s Videos

See others for you to be seen. Do you know viewers are just on YouTube it’s a matter of you telling them that you exist? When you create a video and publish it on your channel, take the link and start commenting on people’s videos with your link on those comments. You will find other commenters clicking and watching your video. It is even more fruitful if you check for videos from a niche that is the same as yours. You will have excellent results because people will always click on the link that you put online.

Post-Short Videos of Your Real Videos on Other Platforms

After you have created your video and published it, don’t rely on YouTube alone. You need a place where you can introduce your videos and make people know that you have posted videos. Facebook, Twitter, Tik Tok, and Instagram are good platforms where you can advertise your clips. Just put a short excerpt of the video so that people can look and get interested to watch your major video on YouTube. Social Greg recommends that you should have a lot of followers for this strategy to work well for you. You can develop these social media accounts before you even start posting videos on YouTube.


When making videos, you need to know that they need a lot of marketing for you to succeed. YouTube is a place where people go when they want to watch a specific thing so make sure you market a lot for people to recognize you. That is the only way you will have direct views. The people who watch can also share your videos so that you get organic traffic and grow your channel to better heights. This is the best way to ensure you make the best out of your YouTube Channel.

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