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We nominate the best multi-printer

We nominate the best multi-printer

comparative test - the best multi-printer

We nominate the best multi-printer.

In a world where more and more people work from home, the need for multifunctional printers has increased again. We test seven models that complete your home office and select the best multi-printer right now.

IN covid-19 pandemic tracks, a large part of us have had to change our work routines. This in turn has led to the requirements that certain technical equipment is available at home. One of these devices is the printer, or rather the multifunctional printer that allows you to print, scan and copy documents.
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New old needs

For a time, we all strived for a paperless society, which in turn led to a decrease in the number of people who got a printer at home.

When we are now faced with a new era, we see more and more cases that we are backing down a bit in this respect and that a printer or MFP unit (multi-function unit) in the home has become a necessary product. Of course, this does not just have to be about printing documents, but can just as easily be due to other primary functions such as signing agreements or various documents.

Now we should not say that the environment has come second. Today’s printers and MFPs
models have come a long way and become more environmentally friendly with smarter ink handling, less power consumption, less worn parts and longer service intervals and more. In addition, the development of printers has also followed our general lifestyle and range and the ability to print directly from mobiles, tablets or even smart TVs has never been easier. Often we can also interact with a printer at home or in the office, regardless of whether we are physically present or not.
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To this we would say that the market has reached a level where we generally get a lot of printers per invested krona both in terms of the quality of the product and the cost of handling and operation, which of course is clearly positive.

Basic requirements

What are the distinctive features we are looking for in a modern MFP unit? Based on the fact that the printers we are looking at this time as much should be an extension of the office as a more general aid at home, we have chosen to highlight some important areas.

Two of them are format and sound level. Most of us probably have limited space for a printer, which means we are looking for a more compact solution. As the unit is often placed where we sit and work, it should be quiet both during operation and in sleep mode.

The connections are important

The next part concerns connections. Because whether the printer is used at home or in an office, there are usually several devices that will need to be printed. This means that we like to see both Wi-Fi and wired network connection. In addition, we like to see that printers have front-facing USB and / or card readers to give us the opportunity to both print documents directly from these without the need for a computer or to be able to scan material directly into a memory.

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For this, we also prefer devices with some form of cloud integration. It allows us to connect one or more cloud services and through these both print from and save data directly to a central place for everyone’s access, but it can also open up opportunities for companies to partially remote administration and remotely help with any troubleshooting and configuration.

The same thought exists even when it comes to the use of the device itself.

For novice users to acquire an MFP, it must be easy to use at all levels, from installation and configuration to the operation and management of services offered.

Based on this, we take a closer look at seven models that fit both the home and the temporary or permanent home office.

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