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Wear OS 3 does not come with existing smartwatches


If you want a smartwatch with WearOS, you should not buy one today. Existing models on the market do not get the update to new and upcoming Wear OS 3 – you risk buying a smartwatch that is outdated before you even get it on your wrist.

  • Compatible smartwatches must be factory reset before the upgrade
  • Extremely small number of smartwatches can use Wear OS 3 at all
  • Upgrades ready only late in 2022

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Mobvoi can get Wear OS 3 – or not

Okay, take the message above with a pinch of salt, for a tiny number of smartwatches with WearOS today can potentially get the new Wear OS 3.

But they are really few in number and we do not know exactly which ones are covered. There is talk that some models from Mobvoi can be included, including TicWatch 3 GPS, TicWatch Pro 3 LTE and TicWatch E3. However, there are no guarantees.

The new models from Fossil that come during the latter part of the year and early 2022 can also be updated. But again, there are no guarantees, even if Google highlights the possibility in a blog post.

And with that said, not a single smartwatch with WearOS will be updated to the new Wear OS 3 until around the end of 2022. Those who actually receive the update may also have a worse experience than brand new smartwatches optimized for Wear OS 3.

In a blog post, Google says that “in certain situations, the user experience may be affected”, but without clarifying what it actually means.

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More information in the future

Google has said in a message to the website The Verge that more information about the user experience will come later. The goal is to give users an opportunity to choose for themselves whether they want to use Wear OS 3 or not.

To be able to use Wear OS 3, the smartwatch must be factory reset, which means that all information (including settings) is completely deleted.

Those who do not want to factory reset their smartwatch can skip the major upgrade and only get the security fixes if they want. A really good alternative that we appreciate that Google offers.

Of course, we hope that Wear OS 3 will be a real hit when the new version is released, but we have our doubts. What do you think about the upgrade?


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