Weber presents smart gas grill

Weber smartgrill

Weber takes this with grills a step further and shows a little smarter ones now with Wifi, bluetooth and built-in LED display.

Soon the season is here again when we produce our grills or maybe buy new ones and if we choose to buy new ones this year, we can get really smart ones this time.

Weber has now presented its brand new gas grills that will be included in the Genesis and Spirit series. The big news with these grills is that we find, among other things, Wifi and bluetooth which makes it possible for the grill to communicate with its phone via the Weber app. In the grill we find an operating system called June.

But there is also a temperature stick that helps to keep track of the temperature and all this can either be reported in the phone or on the built-in LED display.

The app can also keep track of when it’s time to turn the meat or what you now choose to grill.
Weber smartgrill

June is otherwise known for having its operating system in smart ovens and there you can til loch with regulate the heat or that it regulates automatically, however, this does not work on these grills which may be just as good but you still have to do it manually.

Unfortunately, Weber has not confirmed when the grills will go on sale, but it is guaranteed to happen just before the summer, nor have any prices been revealed.

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