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Website Development Trends to Anticipate This 2022

Do you know how website development has evolved over the years? There are almost 2 billion websites on the Internet, and there are 5 billion active users. That’s crazy numbers and statistics, right?

If you are managing a website for business, you must know what trends to anticipate in website development this year.

AI Chatbots

Business analytics have found out that AI chatbots help websites meet the needs of their potential consumers. It matches consumer behavior by taking advantage of machine learning, information retrieval, and natural language processing.

It collects data to quickly answer frequently asked questions and solve repetitive issues experienced by consumers. Thus, AI chatbots both help business improve their operations and customer experience. 

Mobile-Friendly Websites

It is known that people are more into smartphones than computers these days; well, why won’t they? Smartphones make everything possible with just a finger tap. That’s why there is no doubt that half of the web traffic is from mobile searches.

Not to mention, nearly a third of the purchases online are made on mobile. With these numbers, it is evident that having a mobile-friendly website is essential for business growth.

Many website developers take this approach and have been optimizing their efforts for years as having a mobile-friendly website constantly fluctuates.

Moreover, mobile-friendly websites are helpful for geolocation or local searches. As mentioned, how consumers use their smartphones for searches, it is easier for them to purchase from businesses near them. 

Optimized Voice Search

When voice searched was introduced in 2011, its usage rapidly rose in popularity. It has been used in smart assistants like Siri and Alexa. It has been shown in business analysis that it helped in market growth. Thus, several giants in tech dev are entering the market and creating new products to meet consumer demands.

Take note consumers do not only use smart speakers. They also use their smartphones and other IoT devices for voice search. Thus, ensure that your website is optimized for voice search.

Improved Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is a crucial element in website development. You have to offer secure data and networks. Whether a large enterprise or startup business, every business is vulnerable to cyberattacks.

Cybercriminals scrape personal information from business websites. Stolen identities are crucial not only for their owners but from the business data these were stolen from. If you cannot protect your customer data from cybercrimes, you fail to protect your business reputation. 

With the alarming increase of cybercrimes, website developers have improved their security. Developers now apply multi-factor authentication. It wards off the software used by cybercriminals in stealing information. 

Captcha and other human monitoring features help determine your daily traffic trends bots. Thus, monitor your website with tools and analytics.

Final Takeaway

Failing to keep up with the trends will result in serious consequences for your user experience and website performance. Thus, to maintain the performance and reach of your business website, it is best to be competitive by updating your website with the ongoing trends.

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