What advice do you have for people looking to invest in cryptocurrency? The top 4 coins are:


Cryptocurrency values have dropped in recent months, as you may be aware. But bear in mind that, as much as your portfolio is in the red and you are likely to lose a lot, this is the time to purchase in the crypto market because that is when a lot of money is made.

The crypto has revolutionized the trajectory of money since its beginning in 2013 as bitcoin. At this point, there’s no denying the reality of Cryptocurrency.
Someone is talking about it everywhere, and it’s all over the news.

In this blog, we will be looking over the top 4 coins, cryptocurrency, some of them might be larger-cap coins that you are familiar with, and some of them might be smaller-cap coins that you are not aware of right now.


Coming in at number 1, we have Avalanche. It is a blockchain that allows developers to build decentralized applications. It kind of sounds like Ethereum right? But instead, it has fast transaction speed and low gas fees, two things that Ethereum always struggles with.

Since launching in 2020 Avalanche has gone from $4 to all-time highs of about $135 and currently is hovering around $65. So, from a technical standpoint. if the price goes back to the level it’s already been at that is $135, you can already see a 2x return on your money right away.

When the market was experiencing heavy stress with the market tanking and everyone started panic selling, many blockchains like Solana just stopped working or had a technical problem. Avalanche on the other hand was one of the few that didn’t experience any issues with the massive volumes.

On top of everything that Avalanche is doing, a ton of DApps is being created on the blockchain. There is DEXT, 1inch is making improvements to their platform, platypus, and the list just goes on.


It’s a type of digital exchange crypto that’s used to perform financial transactions across encrypted networks like peer-to-peer. It has an impact on the usage of blockchain technology for decentralized and transparent transactions between two peers.

Despite the fact that this coin is still relatively new, it is swiftly acquiring market traction. As the market’s leading currencies were rocked by a huge sell-off, Bficoin soared to a new all-time high.

In 2022, the Bficoin is on the rise, soaring from $5 to an all-time high of $45 in less than a month. BFIC symbolizes the Crypto Industry’s unavoidable future, with all-new technology, incredible scalability, and a massive utility-based Eco-System.

The fate of BFIC contains fresh and revolutionary utilities with new money-making options, more features, and whatnot. Above all, this coin boasts the lowest transaction fee and is built on the most recent 3rd generation of blockchain technology, which allows for lightning-fast transactions.

Moreover, BFIC has the most massive utilities ever. Since it is a proof-of-stake coin, you can stake it and make around 0.5% amount of your money every day.


Since then, cryptocurrency prices have fallen, and Solana is now trading for $140. Even though Ethereum has millions of users and is extremely stable. Solano is still a fantastic project that will most certainly steal market share from Ethereum.

Another benefit of Solana is that if you hold it long enough. you can earn a seven to eight percent return on your investment, which is excellent passive income.


Finally, this coin is intriguing since it is the layer two solution to Ethereum, which we discussed earlier. On the network, transactions are lightning quick and, more crucially, very inexpensive. As a result, there’s a chance CoinBase’s new NFT marketplace, which they’ve already announced, would run on the Polygon network.

Polygon has thousands of developers actively working to improve it, and it’s difficult to have no value when you have that much talent and smart minds working on something enormous.

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