What are Google Reviews?

Google Reviews is a platform that all businesses can access to get reviews from Google users. Users can either rate with a thumbs up or thumbs down for a company’s products and services with a brief review, or they can upload a picture.

Google Reviews posts a link in a company’s search results, meaning more people will find it when searching for a business or when they are looking for a product or service in their area. It is a platform that any business with a  Google account can use to collect customer feedback.

Importance of Google Reviews

As the internet continues to change the way businesses are run, customer reviews are an essential component that can determine whether or not a company is successful. With the rise of the internet, many customers are finding ways to not just share their opinions about a product or service, but also give it a rating.

 Google Reviews is what I use to take notice of specific products or services I’m interested in buying– after all, what is a more reputable review than one from the one who has purchased the product themselves?

How Can you Increase Google Reviews?

There are many ways of increase google reviews and surveys are one of them. Surveys play a large role in increasing or maintaining google reviews. Customers who are satisfied with their interactions with the brand are more likely to use their opinion on products or services on google.

One of the ways that companies are trying to increase google reviews is by using surveys during customer interaction. Surveys are given at any point throughout the customer interaction, but they are most common near the end. Surveys work to increase customer satisfaction with products or services which increases google reviews Delightful Facts.

Some survey questions include:

– On a scale from 1-5, how likely are you to recommend our store to a friend or neighbor?

– How confident are you that your purchase was a good value for the money?

– Did you find what you were looking for?

 Following are some more tips that you can use to get more Google reviews:

  •  You can take offers from people who want to advertise on my site.
  • You should focus on customer service and fix any issues.
  • You can use people\’s contact information and send them a reminder email to leave a review.

 What I do not recommend is the purchase of reviews.


In short, Surveys are the best way to increase your Google Reviews. Research has shown that positive experiences result in 70% of the time when a customer returns with a friend, and when a customer tells others about the company. This is only if the experience was positive.

Taking a few minutes each day to review your favorite websites, services, and products is a quick way to make the internet a friendlier place. Giving feedback helps small businesses grow, allows you to give creative feedback on things you love and has the potential to positively impact someone you don’t even know.”

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