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What are the features included in Reseller Hosting?

It is true that reseller hosting is among the few solutions individuals thinking about starting a business with a low budget can opt for. For the most part, it is a white label business solution. However, be aware that you must do your homework before setting foot into any business niche. For instance, it is necessary to know what is being offered, what you can negotiate to add, or whatnot. Thus, today we are to delineate the features included in Reseller Hosting to help you understand what the buying company gets from the selling company.

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White Labeling

As we mentioned above, reseller hosting perpetuates white labeling. That means a thriving web hosting company (here is the parent hosting company) offers the hosting services to the buying company. The buyer company pays a defined amount to the original host and utilizes the resources to resell them to people. However, the buyer company can resell the services under its own name. That is where white labeling comes into work. The intriguing part is that the customers regard the reseller as the provider company and don’t know if another parent company exists.

The benefit of white labeling is that the parent company doesn’t restrict you from selling the hosting with your brand name. In addition, the company doesn’t have to spend on the infrastructure. That means it simply rents the hosting servers, and all the perks come alongside. For instance, you have to handle neither data center and server setup hassles nor the server management and security issues from your side. The parent company takes care of everything. That also means you don’t have to be an expert with technical knowledge in hosting. All you have to do is to pay monthly or yearly (your selected payment option), and you rent the server.

Hosting Servers and Assets 

Next in the features included in Reseller Hosting obviously are the hosting servers (you rented) and their resources. The resources can be any of the baselines and additional hosting resources like bandwidth, disk space, CPU, RAM, etc.

Reseller hosting comprises all hosting types. For instance, you can offer shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, etc., to your customers. A reputable company for cheap unlimited reseller hosting will definitely live up to the standards. Hence, you can get plentiful resources from space to bandwidth alongside the highly secured and fast servers.

Freedom to Customize the Plans 

The next feature is undoubtedly the second most lucrative here, besides permission for using the brand name is this. And that is none other than the liberty to tweak the hosting plans. For instance, you can add or remove the offered features according to the customers’ needs or prices. That way, you have more freedom to create unique hosting plans and establish customer loyalty.


The next in line of the features included in Reseller Hosting is the hosting add-ons features to assist with the hosting. The parent hosting company offers reseller plans fueled with matched features, whether Windows or cheap linux reseller hosting. For instance, the list can include but is not limited to IP addresses, email hosting, DNS setting, domain management, cPanel, website builders, and so forth.

Some reseller hosts also offer supplementary features like billing system software. In addition, it can include clientele management, WHMCS, chatbots, Softaculous, and many other related tools.

Customer Services 

Just like the other essential features, you can expect customers support as well. As the buyer company becomes the user/client of the provider company, it can leverage the extensive customer support from the latter company. Be it the server stability, uptime, updates, or any other simple to complicated query you or your customer has got. You can get it resolved from the reseller hosting company.

Similarly, as the buyer company, you become the host for your users so you can provide customer services to its customers independently. For instance, choosing the support channels from email, call live chat, or ticketing system.

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However, some hosts even take care of offering support to your customers too. If that’s the case, then you are pretty good to have plenty of time to focus on other things you prefer more.

Bottom Line!

Knowing the above features included in Reseller Hosting or other additional details related to the Reseller Hosting is necessary to get a good start. Besides, only then can one quickly adapt to the workflow and fulfill the customers’ demands. Or else it will affect the user experience and hence impact of the business towards the customers.

So by now, you certainly have understood that reseller hosting is really a unique type of setup to help you get a thriving business. It’s the user’s choice to have it as a foundational business. Or a side business alongside the design/ development or digital marketing setup.

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