What are the qualities of a good coach?

Knowing how to listen to your client

Listening is one of the qualities that a professional coach must have. This can be expressed in two ways: by silence or dialogue. In any case, it will make it possible to establish a first contact.

There can be no professional coaching without listening. It is the first step that also allows you to understand why the customer is there and what their expectations are. And to do this, you have to be able to listen to the person in front of you in an empathetic way, without judgment or taking a position. This will allow you to ask yourself the right questions to best meet your client’s needs.

Listening knows how to interpret the non-verbal: silences, gestures, pauses… What is also called full listening. Listening is therefore a real skill, which improves with practice. Every situation is different. The more a coach listens, the better his interpretation of the situation will be.

Ability to identify client needs

As you will have understood, listening is essential because it makes it possible to identify the client’s motivations. And his expectations can sometimes be underlying. It is not uncommon, during personal development coaching, to see the client’s needs change. Because some requests are easier to express than others.

A client can, for example, come to a session explaining that he wishes to acquire better leadership. However, his hidden need is in fact to develop his self-confidence. A request for a raise can also reflect a greater need for recognition in one’s work… And that’s the whole job of a good coach: you have to know how to dig deep to allow the real needs to be expressed.

Know how to adapt to each of its customers

To be able to establish a relationship of trust with its customers, they must feel unique. This is why each coaching must be different and adapted to each individual.

Being a coach means not having a pre-established model. This would lead to a loss of flexibility in the face of the needs of his client. It is therefore necessary to find for each person the best way to coach him. The advantage there are no two identical coaching sessions and the professional coach will never experience the same situation twice.

If you have these three virtues, then you have all the qualities of a good coach! Now let’s see what other keys are to building trust with your customers.

3 ideas for establishing a relationship of trust during coaching

Establish your credibility

In the world of professional coaching, credibility is equivalent to consistency! More concretely, to make yourself credible with your customers, you must represent the values ​​that are dear to you, defend them, respect them and above all, keep this line of conduct. These values ​​will determine what is important to you. It is in these values ​​that your customers will be able to recognize themselves. It is by respecting and advocating your values ​​that you will be able to acquire your credibility and your legitimacy.

Of course, your legitimacy with your client also depends on your training and experience. The more you have had the opportunity to practice, the more credible you will be as a coach.

Establish yourself as a reliable coach

If credibility is essential, it is obviously inseparable from reliability. What are the principles that will allow you to become a reliable coach?

As in any profession, a coach must be demanding and rigorous, towards him and his client. By respecting these principles, you will prove to your client that you are trustworthy and he will engage more easily.

Create intimacy with your client

Finally, the last point on which we recognize a good coach is his ability to create intimacy with his client. To create this intimacy, you must resonate with your client and encourage them to open up. Be careful, however, to keep a certain professional distance, of course.

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