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What happens if you wear mascara everyday?


The market offers everything from black kajal to draw attention to the eyes, lip-plumping lipsticks to make lips seem more prominent, and contour sticks to sculpt the face. On the other hand, Mascaras are the most harmful beauty product that most people possess and use daily to lengthen and thicken their lashes and open up their eyes. You may point the finger at the Egyptians all you want, but if you don’t cut down on your use of mascara after learning about the potential health hazards, you have only yourself to blame. If you go ahead to purchase it, make sure it is the best long lasting mascara for sensitive eyes.

Can spell doom on your health

Makeup ingredients such as inexpensive petroleum distillates, aluminium powder, and parabens have been linked to cancer and other health problems by the American Medical Association and the American Environmental Working Group. These compounds have also been related to breast cancer, being hazardous to organ systems, and increasing skin absorption.

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The mascara’s container provides breeding habitat for microorganisms.

One-hundred and ninety-nine per cent (79%) of the mascara samples evaluated by the researchers had staph germs on them, owing to the mascara wand bringing our everyday eye secretions into the dark, dirty mascara tube. As a result, it’s the ideal environment for germs to flourish.

If you’re not careful, it might lead to styes.

Using expired mascara, leaving your mascara out in the open, or sharing it with your girlfriends may all contribute to the spread of germs to your lashes and lids, resulting in an eye ailment known as stye. It has the potential to trigger an allergic response as well as irritate nearby sensitive regions. It means that women should use extreme caution.

And don’t even think about looking into your own eyes!

Even if you never stab yourself with the brush while applying mascara, the chemicals in mascara might impair your vision. We’re not saying that, but Ohio State University study does. And the only thing to blame here is the toxic chemicals included in many mascaras.

It’s possible to shed your beautiful eyelashes.

It turns out that the products you use to make your lashes longer and fuller might make them thinner, according to a new study from the College of Optometrists in the United Kingdom. While chemicals may damage your lashes’ roots and cause them to fall out, the tiresome act of removing tenacious mascara, particularly waterproof mascara, can also be to blame for the lash loss.

Here’s How To Reduce The Harmful Effects Of Mascara Use.

Elimination of eye makeup

Taking off your makeup, particularly your mascara, should be a part of your nighttime routine. Choose a mild cleanser or moisturising eye makeup remover for removing makeup around your eyes. To prevent drying out the skin around your eyes, stay away from eye makeup removers that include artificial colours or scents, as well as formulations that contain alcohol. Instead, use a moisturising oil-based cleanser to remove eye makeup slowly and gently.

Old mascara should be thrown out.

It would be best if you also changed your mascara at least once every three months. In an interview with Women’s Health Magazine, professional cosmetic artist Stacey Menzer emphasised the significance of putting away outdated mascara. Mascara is the product that goes bad the fastest due to the rapid growth of germs and the pumping of drying air into the tube with each application.
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As soon as you see it’s growing clumpy or starting to smell, toss it after two to three months.

Get Rid of Those Eyelash Extensions!

Brush your lashes daily with an eyelash comb to encourage development. The natural oils are distributed throughout the whole length of your eyelashes, promoting healthy lashes as a result.

Prepare Your Eyelashes

Mascara, if misused, may cause your lashes to become brittle and break more readily. Brushing your eyelashes may assist, but you should take your eyelash care a step further by using a conditioner on top of it. To preserve, extend, and nourish your eyelashes, apply a layer of lemon-infused olive oil or Vitamin E to them before going to bed.

Consequently, is it hazardous for your eyes if you use mascara? That’s not the case by definition. If you want long, healthy lashes:

  1. Don’t be afraid to apply mascara.
  2. Purchase the best long lasting mascara for sensitive eyes.
  3. Don’t forget that once opened; mascara has a three-month lifetime, so throw it when it reaches the end of its life cycle.
  4. Just make sure you use a product with safe chemicals and follow good eye-care habits.

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