What Is a Green Screen in Video Production?

What Is a Green Screen in Video Production

Green screens are used in video production to enhance aesthetics and presentation. Green screens transform everyday backgrounds into customized and dynamic layers that elevate viewer engagement. Green backgrounds are used during filming then removed in the post-production process. A digital background is used in place of the green screen to reinforce the content’s thematic elements, visual appeal and message.

Green Screens Empower You to Control the Presentation

Part of the appeal of using a green screen for video production is it guarantees the video shoot will not be cancelled or pushed back to a later time as a result of inclement weather or other factors. There is no sense reserving a location for filming purposes when there is the potential for that site to be inundated with dark clouds, rain, snow, harsh winds or other unpredictable events. 

Instead of running the risk of the unexpected ruining your video shoot, opt for a controlled indoor environment in which a green screen is used. Filming videos with a green screen facilitates editing for aesthetic presentation and also sets the stage for modification if you decide to update the content down the line. 

Green Screens Provide a Golden Branding Opportunity

Green screens empower businesses to display their brand in an artful manner. Branding elements including striking hues and impactful textures really do make an indelible impression on viewers. When used the right way, green screens elevate brand content to the next level, providing a crisp presentation that reinforces the business’s professionalism. 

Feature your company’s logo, name, website, social media handles and other branding components throughout your marketing content and your viewers really will be that much more inclined to not only remember your brand but recognize it when presented in other marketing materials. 

As is often said, all publicity is good publicity. Artfully present your branding components to your target audience with the use of green screens, reinforce your video content marketing with inbound marketing campaigns and your target audience will seriously consider checking out the details of your value offering in-person or on the web.

A Creative Presentation With Minimal Time Investment 

Your marketing content’s artful presentation has the potential to prove just as important as the utility or other merit of the products or services you provide. Seize the opportunity to shoot your video footage wherever and whenever you desire and edit the background to replace the green screen with a digital rendering of your preferred visual landscape. The end result will be exponentially more engaging than would have been possible without this video content production technology. 

Though your video marketing content is not guaranteed to go viral, shares on social media and engagement are the ultimate goals. Invest your time and effort creating visually dazzling video marketing content with a polished presentation and possibly even a humorous component and your content just might inspire shares on social media. Plus, you might get word-of-mouth shares that lead to additional references in social circles, ultimately creating the momentum your business needs to maximize potential customer connections.

Green Screens are Economical

The most successful business owners and marketers focus on video marketing quality and cost. There is a delicate balance to strive toward, leveling video marketing production costs with quality. Paying an exorbitant sum of money to reserve an aesthetically pleasing location that might be inundated with rain or other inclement weather is a risk most businesses should not take. 

Instead of investing a considerable amount of your company’s limited capital in reserving a fancy site, opt for a comparably affordable green screen along with video editing that presents your business and its message in the best possible light. Green screens and accompanying technology are somewhat the equivalent of modern day magic in how they transform spaces with mere cloth. Check out the green screen prices on the web and you’ll find they are reasonably priced for every business.

Present Your Value Proposition and Brand at Its Best

The key takeaway from the ubiquity of green screen use in video marketing is that they make businesses look professional, creating the impression that they are superior, or at least equal, to the competition. Make use of green screens in your video marketing content and it won’t take long to notice a gradual uptick in your company’s website visits, social media interactions, in-store visits and, most importantly, your sales.

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