What is the various Type of Projectors?

What is the various Type of Projectors?

There are many different types of projectors in the market today. Knowing what they all are, what sets them apart, and their uses is an essential first step when buying your home theatre projector or best projector for the conference room.

If you are looking for a projector under $1000, an LCD or DLP device would be your best bet. Their lightweight makes them easy to transport, and they don’t need to be installed on any special screen. Most of these devices give out a bright enough image so that they can quickly fill up most home theater screens.

Various Projector Types available in Market are as follows:


The most common type is an LCD Projector, which stands for Liquid Crystal Display. These projectors use a combination of three types of crystals to cast the image. The lamp is used as ultra-violet light, while the LCD crystals are separated into colors. When combined, they blend and make a complete color picture on the screen.

LCD projectors tend to have better quality because they can give out large amounts of brightness with relatively small lamps. It makes them a good choice for brighter environments where the image and colors need to be crisp and sharp.

LCD projectors are more expensive than DLP but are also much easier to upgrade if you want to purchase something new or change the bulb at a later point in time.

DLP projectors:

DLP stands for Digital Light Processing. DLP projectors have been around longer than LCD projectors, and these are more of what you might call standard projectors.
A single lamp inside the projector sends out light through a pair of color mirrors (one red and one blue) that shine onto two micro different color chips in a series of chips (one for red and one for blue).

DLP projectors are much less expensive than LCD, but there is also a trade-off in terms of visual quality. Because the light comes out as white light from the lamp (which is then split into color), there can be a blurring effect on moving images.

Since the color is split up between two, there is a limited amount of brightness that you can expect from these projectors. But if you are looking for an affordable projector to brighten up the room and show movies on the wall, this would be your best choice in terms of value for money.

FHD Projectors:

An FHD projector is a new breed of home theater projector that have become common in recent years. These use full HD 1080 to display images on the screen without any loss of picture quality. The image resolution can be anything from 1280 x 720 up to 1920 x 1080 and even higher, depending on the projector model you are looking at.

FHD projectors can be used in both home theater and business presentations. They have a smaller footprint than other projector types but still, give out a large enough image to cover large screens comfortably.

Projector Plug-and-Play:

There are also projectors on the market that claim you don’t need to install any software like iMax, and you can turn them right on out of the box and use them with any of your devices. One needs to be aware that plug-and-play projectors will not always have the features or visual quality required for a home theater experience. However, depending on what you are looking for, these might still be worth considering.

UHD Projectors:

UHD projectors are advanced high definition projectors with 4K resolution and can give out the image quality found in top-end cinematic movie theaters. It is becoming possible for homeowners to build their own private movie theater rooms at home with these devices.

These projectors tend to be large and heavy, so they are not a good choice for people looking to place them in an area where there might be regular moving or transporting required.

4K Projectors:

These projectors have 4 times the pixels of other HD projectors, giving better image quality. They also make it easier to watch 3D movies and give out an immersive home theater experience where you feel like you are sitting in front of the big screen at your local cinema but without paying a fortune.

Laser Projectors:

Laser projectors are the new breed of home theater projectors coming on to the market. These devices produce an image resolution so sharp it’s like having a 4K TV in your house. The colors are also more affluent, and there is no blurring or flickering from these devices even at high luminosity levels.

The downside to laser projectors is that they are currently more expensive than LCD or DLP types, and they need to be hooked up to a particular kind of screen for the image quality to be preserved. In addition, there is no 3D functionality available with these as yet.

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